Jedi Knight III

Element Pack


My first impulse was to refer to these creatures as Genasi, or planetouched half-elemental humanoids. However, I can only call these posers, really. Included are four skins which can be summed up
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as such: [quote] I took the Reborn skin and made it look as much as fire as I could. I took the Jan skin and made it look as much as water as I could. I took the Saboteur skin and made it look as much as air as I could. I took the Imperial Officer skin and made it look as much as Earth as I could. [/quote] Honestly, \"this as I could\" clause seems to be hardly applicable, as there were probably numerous other things this guy could have done to make them feel more elemental-esque. These are just rather unimaginative, at best. Fire seems to be just a flame recolor, for the most part. Probably the second most appealling skin in my opinion, albeit very little imagination was applied. Water was probably the worst of the bunch, as it just looked like a blue recolor of Jan. However, on closer inspection, turns out it was a just a picture of water photoshopped to match the texture boundries Air was worse. This time, it was just a photoshop work of planting a sky texture everywhere except the face, which had white eyes, probably the best touch to it. Apparently Earth was the best looking one in terms of creativity and texturework. It has a green earthen texture applied to the entirety of the suit. It also seems evident that Earth elementals are very good officers, as he has a very noticeable imperial badge on his outfit. Hint, hint, HINT =_O Well, I can\'t say this is very impressive, as it doesn\'t seem to have much imaginative flair to it at all. My suggestion would be to delve into some shader work. Perhaps you can achieve a creative means to make your skins come to life in a more elemental fashion. After all, elements don\'t simple sit there like still images, no matter how much of a lazy turd they can be. Regardless, if you enjoy these, commence bandwidthment. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan
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