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Unique Lightsaber Blades


It\'s always nice when a author comes back with an updated version of their mod, especially in such short time. After all, that\'s why every review has a notice encouraging people to leave comments
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for the author, so that they will return with new mods in the future. And so Xacius returns with an update to the [i]Unique Lightsaber Blades[/i] mod released just a few days ago. Well, the first version was for [i]Knights of the Old Republic II[/i], while this is for [i]Kotor I[/i], but it actually will work for [i]KotOR II[/i] as well, though it doesn\'t include the two colors unique to [i]KotOR II[/i]--silver and viridian. Many (myself included) were not satisfied with the look of the lightsaber blades in the [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] games, so it\'s no surprise that numerous mods have been released to \"fix\" the lightsaber blades in [i]KotOR[/i]. In fact, the same applies for the [i]Jedi Knight[/i] games; there are countless lightsaber blade mods over on JKFiles as well. I think the source of the problem is that the lightsaber appears in just about every Star Wars comic, video game, and movie/TV series, and the look of the blade is different in each one, whether it be a clean shaft of colored light, or a fiery, amorphous blade. Xacius has gone to the latter extreme, making it so that the blades almost appear to be made out of colored fire. It\'s vaguely reminiscent of the lightsaber\'s appearance in some of the old [i]Tales of the Jedi[/i] comics that take place in the era just before [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i]. In fact, as many of you probably know, the title \"Knights of the Old Republic\" was taken from one of the earlier [i]TotJ[/i] story archs. The first version of Xacius\' mod lacked blades for the orange and yellow lightsabers, so at Shem\'s advice Xavius returns with an update to correct that error. Also included are a variety of unique blades in the style of the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force colors--i.e. they don\'t have the traditional white core that most lightsabers do. The author has gone so far as to name the blades with rather interesting titles. The author has not added the new lightsabers and crystals to any placeable in the game, so you\'ll have to use the cheat console or savegame editor in order to get them. The author has provided the proper cheat codes; however, you should not include the .uti ending in the cheat console. So, for example, to get g_w_shortsbr20.uti, you would type \"giveitem g_w_shortsbr20\" and that\'s it. And while the mod uses upcrystals.2da, the author has not made use of the TSL Patcher, so any other mods that use that file will not be compatible unless you do some .2da editing yourself. Not much else to say other than that if you like the new saber look, give the mod a download. Enjoy! :) NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it\'s the only reward modders receive for their efforts. ~JC
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