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We have an excellent WIP Mod developed by rad15 to help quench that thirst for Crysis content! What makes this mod a [i]must play[/i]? Its all about the AI! This mod came to be because the regular
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AI just wasn't cutting it...It is the opinion of this developer (and I'm sure he is not alone in this) that they weren't aggressive enough, not only that, but their intelligence left a lot to be desired, or used cover right. The AI in Advanced AI are different, they are way more aggressive, smart, and use cover more efficiently. Instead of staying back and firing off some rounds and then runing, these bad boys will hunt you down and corner you until you are filled with lead! Depending on their AI character class, they will do specific things that the other classes may not do; For the most part, they will flank, fan out and suppress you with a hail of bullets. You may have to change your tactics when playing Advanced AI, as you will quickly find out that you can't stay at the same spot for to long or you will get cornered and/or have a grenade tossed at you. You also can't stay out in the open for to long either, unless you like lead; You will now need to use your suit functions more such as cloak and speed to get out of these situations... [b]Some Classes available in this mod include:[/b] Watchtower: They will hold their spot until they die, These guys make ideal snipers and good rifleman for rooftops. Leaders: These guys will be the higher ranking guys, they act like the cover2 guys, but they can also command them to a certain extent. Camper class: These guys will stay back and not be all up in your face. They will cover their teammates and suppress you wtih lead, They will also get closer slowly to box you in. Cover2 Class: These guys are a lot more aggressive and will try to get up in your face. They will fire and move up closer and closer to you. They will take cover while moving up to you, these guys will get and flank you at the worst times. [b][i]Developer's Note:[/b] This is the Beta Version of my AI. IT is still WIP, so there will be some flaws. DON'T USE THIS IN ANY MOD YOU MAY USE THIS IN MAPS BUT JUST CONTACT ME FIRST The Smoke grenades were taken out of this version due to some flaws. The M249 SAW is not rigged for first person yet. Other than that enjoy :) Adapt to Survive[/i] Refer to the readme for more information.
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