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Parts 1 and 2 must be installed before installing this file!For help with installing Battlegroup42, visit their forums here.Changelog:Map Fixes/Changes:- replaced Panzer IV H on 4406-pegasus_bridge with SdKfz 234/1- removed PaK 40 from 4406-pegasus_bridge- completely reworked version of 4301-velikye_luki (Push Mode)- new pathmaps for 4107_dnieper_river, made by DACV- new pathmaps for iwo_jima, made by DACV- Coop added to 4111-operation_crusader by DACV- reworked version of 4207-kokoda_path (Push Mode) done by Sarge Surfat- Objective Mode version of 4207-intruder_mission, done by Bommel- reworked version of GuadalCanal, done by Sarge Surfat- reworked version of Liberation of Caen, done by Sarge Surfat- reworked version of Market Garden, done by Sarge Surfat, new coop done by DACV- reworked version of Omaha Beach, done by Sarge31FR and Sarge Surfat, new coop done by DACV- changed 4311-raid_on_rabaul to 4201-rabaul (japanese attack)- changed 4503-the_swamp to 4208-milne_bay (Australians vs. Japanese)- changed Jagdpanther to Jagdtiger on 4503-paderborn and 4504-volkssturm- reworked version 4504-berlin_streets, done by Sarge Surfat- set correct LODDistances for all mapsCode Fixes/Changes:VEHICLES/STATIC GUNS- changed tank gun ammunition amounts to historical correct values- replaced Bofors on japanese Carriers with Model 96 25mm aa guns- re-coded Taiho carriers armament (removed rear small AA guns, coded turret for dual purpose use)- added gunner reticules to tanks- removed coax mg from StuG III G- added Smoke Dischargers to King Tiger, Tiger and Panther- re-added artillery spotting capability to armored cars and several light tanks HANDWEAPONS/KITS- added Bayonets again- Mines are now invisible except of the detonator- recoded smoke grenades to be more effectiveSOUNDS/TEXTURES/ICONS- many new sounds (explosions, guns etc.)- some new vehicle icons- new tracer effects for machine guns- dirt added to some vehicle textures============New content:ARMY:- Australians (from TLB mod)- Dutch (uniform skins made by [LotW]-klick, helmet mesh and skin by smig. They look really great !) soldier voices are from Edke. Thanks Eddy :-)- French (from Bf 1918)PLANES:- Gloster Gladiator (kindly donated to us from "Norwegian Resistance" Mod. Thanks guys !)- Bristol Type 152 Beaufort (from TLB mod)- Grumman TBF Avenger- P-80 Shooting Star- new skins for Wildcat and LaGG-3 on 4205-operation_ironclad made by [LotW]-klickVEHICLES/STATIC GUNS- new Opel Blitz- new Hanomag version armed with MG34- Type 94 japanese truck (from TLB mod)- 155mm M1 Long Tom field gun (taken from BG:V, converted and re-coded by Sarge31FR)- Churchill Mk.VII from XWWII mod in exchange for BG stuff. Thanks guys :-)- SdKfz 232 (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Sarge31FR)- SdKfz 233 "Stummel" (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Nimrod6 and Sarge31FR)- SdKfz 263 (Model and Skins made by Nimrod6, code by Sarge31FR)- 152mm ML-20 Howitzer- SdKfz 251/1 "Stuka zu Fuss" (Hanomag hull mesh kindly donated by FH mod, Wurfrahmen and Rocket made by Geronimo|Ger, Code by Sarge31FR) (its completely bot supported, so watch out :-) )- M3 Scout car- Renault FT-17 (from Bf 1918)- M1897 75mm gun (from Bf 1918)- Ehrhardt E/V-4 (from Bf 1918)- Type 1 47mm AT gun- Ford T (from Bf 1918)- french Bus (from Bf 1918)- static Oerlikon- new Nebelwerfer model and skin (done by Koricus from BGF mod, converted to BG42 by Sarge31FR)- Boys Carrier (variant of existing Universal Carrier)- Flower Class Corvette, model done by Cabrio- Freighter, model done by Cabrio- Type A japanese midget submarine (from TLB mod, skin by Sarge Surfat, code by Bommel- SdKfz 186 Jagdtiger (done by Koricus from BGF mod, converted to BG42 by Sarge31FR)- 8inch japanese coastal gun (model and skin done by Geronimo|Ger, code by Sarge31FR)- new IS-2 model and skin (model made by Koricus, skins made by Tha Godfather and Geronimo|Ger)HANDWEAPONS- PPS-43 (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)- TT-33 (from BGF)- Nagant M1895 Revolver (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)- Danuvia 39M (from BGF)- Mannlicher M.95 (from BGF)- Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 1 MK III (from TLB mod)- Lee-Enfield Rifle No. 5 Mk I (from TLB mod)- Webley Mk. IV (from TLB mod)- Lewis MG (from Bf 1918)- Luger P08 (from Bf 1918)- Madsen LMG (from Norwegian Resistance Mod)- Eihandgranate 39- new G43- new SVT-40- new SG44- new F-1 grenade (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)- new M 24 Stielhandgranate- new geballte Ladung- new PPSh 41- new Panzerfaust- new tank mounted DT machinegun- new MG34- new FG42- new Sten Mk2- AN/M2 "Stinger"- Maschinengewehr 30- new RPG 43 (from BGF, model made by Plutonius)STATIC OBJECTS- feldwagen_m1 *- gulaschkanone_m1 *- krankenwagen_m1 *- pigeonry ** those statics were done by Nimrod6. Thank you very much :-)- bg42_factory3_m1, model & unwrap made by smig, textures and conversion to BG42 made by Geronimo|Ger- bg42_Lighthouse2_m1- lighthouse_m1- bg42_Lenin_m1, model made by Snicker (BGF mod), conversion and skin done by Geronimo|Ger- BG42_OldFactory1_m1- BG42_OldFactory2_m1- BG42_GermanPontoon1_m1, model and skin by Geronimo|Ger- Fieseler Fi 103 (V1), , model and skin by Geronimo|Ger- sewer system, model and skin done by smig- japanese pillbox, model and skin done by smig- set of trainstation statics, modeled by Koricus, skinned and finished by TerrorDuck- set of workers houses (Type "Staaken"), model and skin by TerrorDuck- set of barrack buildings, model and skin by TerrorDuck and lots of more new staticsOTHER STUFF- tools/hull addons for many vehiclesMAPS- 4005-grebbeberg, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by DACV)- 4106-halfaya_pass, made by Sarge Surfat (Push Mode, Coop made by DACV)- 4202-tracking_the_wolves, a fictional map made by Bobton, reworked by Sarge Surfat and Bommel- 4205-operation_ironclad, made by Sarge Surfat- 4401-operation_shingle, made by =MAD= (two versions) (Coop made by DACV)- 4409-nuenen, made by Lt. MoederTheresa (Coop made by DACV)- 4412-noville, made by Lt. MoederTheresa (Push Mode)- 4503-cologne_trainstation, based on =MAD=s 4503-cologne. Changes made by Bommel- 4504-crossing_the_spree, based on BF1942 Berlin, rework done by Bommel- 4504-the_facility, made by Sarge Surfat- 4701-antarctica, a fictional map by Sarge Surfat

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