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We have a treat for all of you GreenTech fans out there that have been waiting for an update! As the original developer is no longer updating or supporting this mod, the torch has been handed on to
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another, so that your Doom III gaming experience will only get better! Dafama2K7 has received permission from [url=";12233"]Gyppi[/url] to update his previously released works: [i]"Hello, i have talked with GTX & GreenTech developer Gyppi and he said that it let's me to publish and update they're mods as longe as i clearly state that he no longer supports or will support any of the latest updates made by me."[/i] ...So it is with great anticipation that I bring to you the first updated version of this mod since the last official release in 2005! GreenTech is a graphic mod developed for Doom3 that enhances your gaming experience with new graphic effects never seen before in Doom! [b]Some of the features of this mod are:[/b] All weapons, without the chainsaw, grenades and the soulcube, have an integrated flashlight The flame, when you shoot is green Many skins of guns are green More clip for all the weapons The pistol and the plasma gun, are more quickly to shot Edited two posters, the first two in the first level Edited the textures of PDAs Deleted the UAC logo and replaced with the "TECH" logo Maximized the life to 150 Maximized the armor to 150 New loading background New texture for "mars" Many skins of characters are green Added the shadow in single player mode Increased the speed of the player Added a remixed shotgun like the Doom II game This mod makes Doom III much better then the stock version, it will change the whole ambiance and atmosphere of your whole Doom universe, while adding a bit of that eerie Aliens look...a winning combination, for sure! [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] Unofficial third public version. Fixed Grabber weapon mounted flashlight. Updated shaders to the very latest NG. Now uses the latest fixed Chromatic Dispersion shaders by TRSGM. Added support for Chainsaw and Soulcube on ROE. Chainsaw included into backpacks. Added sticky lights fx on player weapons, demons, ZCommandos and ZSecs. Fixed Demons spawn fx decal bug. And much more... [quote]This a mod updated by Dafama2k7 and based on latest GreenTech mod made originally by Gyppi. This work is unsupported by Gyppi, that said, i will support this mod like always, so, no problem.[/quote] Refer to the readme for more information.
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