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This program is the intended replacement of the BCMP's ship plugin tool and it now has several modes. BCSMC Mode: By default it's the ship def creator with extra features such as creating the SDT
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code, CWS 2.0 code, Submenu code for you. Also it allows the creation of multi ship plugins, suitable for large ship packs. BCMP Fixer Mode: This mode is used to fix the plugins which BCMP disables on your installation. Fast BCSMC Mode: It's a somewhat light version of BCSMC and it allows appending data to the list and BCSMC instantly creates all plugins in the list (Simply putting it: you can create 30 plugins or more at once by a click of a button). However, in this fast mode you can only define ship names and icons the rest such as descriptionssubmenuswarp speeds are not supported. Plugin Editor: This mode allows users to load data from the existing plugins for editing. This mode doesn't support Multi Plugins or SDT. It supports Submenus and CWS. BCSMC Options: Users can specify the default location where the plugins will be saved and can either turn onoff the secure mode which ALWAYS prompts the user, if the plugin with the given name already exists, to be overwritten. QB Desc Fix: Launches an installer which installs QB Ship Description Fix which fixes the description outputs in Bridge Commander (requires any version of Foundation). BCMod Unpacker: BCSMC can now totally replace BCMP & BCMI, this tool extracts *.BCMod files which were created using BCMP (this is for older mods out there). SoundDef Plugin: Allows you to create and "inject" sounds into BC. This is used for weapon sounds (phaser and torpedoes). Backup BC: This mode allows you to backup your scripts folder. It is useful if you install a mod which "destroyed" your installation so you can always revert back. Changes from v5.0 include: -Overall code cleanups -Improved the overall code -Fixed some minor GUI bugs -Improved the speed of the BCMod unpacker -Fixed a bug when BCSMC in some instances wouldn't retrieve settings very fast -Improved BCSMCs error handling when retriving badcorrupt settings -Added new GUI effects (mouse hover effect over buttons) -Made the Mode selection more intuitive (Mode selection is redesigned) -Added a new mode which allows users to create sounddef plugins (for phasers and torpedoes) -Added a new mode which allows users to backup and compress their scripts folder and restore them later if needed
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