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[url=][/url] [/b] Here we have a new skin-pack featuring 4 very uniquely decorated re-skins! We have two Reborn re-skins a Jedi Trainer reskin and also a re-skin of the Bespin Cop. As you can see from the screenshots below these are very colourful skins to say the least, and it seems that they were either designed with clan use in mind or as the author’s own personal skins. Although I cannot be sure of this since the author doesn’t offer an explanation behind the purpose of the re-skins in his readme. First of all lets look at the Talisman skin. This guy is pretty scary looking I think, he sort of looks like an assassin, although one would expect a stealthy assassin to wear some less colourful clothes. :P Next up we have Psychotron who is even scarier looking! This guy looks like something from one of the Terminator films, and with the metal skull like face and glowing red eyes, I am sure that was the effect the author was looking for. ;) Next we have the Oblivion skin, which from its name I would presume is the authors own skin. Personally I like this skin, the Jedi Trainer model has been reskinned in a nice mixture of cream and gold colours which look good together. He also has some patches of what look like armour, like on his boots. Lastly we have the Cap'n Jack skin which as you can imagine, looks like a pirate! With a skull and crossbones bandanna and a waistcoat with a very cool looking tribal pattern on it this guy certainly looks the part, and the scars on the face and goatee certainly add to that! Now, as with all mod’s there are a few things that could be improved upon here. Mainly I would like to see some custom sounds, perhaps with the people the various skins were designed for recording their own voices to use as taunts, that would certainly make for a unique personal skin. Another thing is team support. Although these seem to be personal skins team support is always an important feature to add I think. The texturing on these skins is pretty well done, although I think that because of the clan references and writing on the skins, as well as their personal nature they wont appeal to as wider audience as they could have. Overall though a good skin pack here, especially considering this is the authors first skin pack, so well done there mate! :) So if you guys like the look of these skins, give then a download! And don’t forget to leave the author some helpful comments below so he knows what areas to improve upon for the future. [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes (Sounds for some of the skins have been swapped for other default JK2 soundsets) [b]Bot Support:[/b]Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~
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