Jedi Knight III

Commando SW-141


Well, SithMasteR555 sure has been busy this week. ;) He now gives us more blades.. lightblades! He also gives us reskins of the Swamptrooper which really bring the blades to life. To the
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description! [b]**Note: In order to see these skins and models at their best, Dynamic Glow is advised.**[/b] [b]Plus blades:[/b] There are four different coloured plus blades: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. The handle and the guard are decentley textured - no faults there. When looking at the metal blade and coloured crystal(?) from the saber selection menu, the texture didn't get a 'yes' from me. It looked too scratched and the back face of the sword, where I presume it was extruded, has a stretched texture on it, which also let it down. BUT, when in game, it didn't bother me at all. I - you won't really see the texture on the sword much due to the great dynamic glow on the crystal. [b]SW-141:[/b] Incase some of you don't know who Commando SW-141 is, (I didn't) ''Commando SW-141 is a l33t mercenary working for the republic'' and he is a reskin of the Swamptrooper, as said earlier. There are four variations: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. R,G,B are all selectable from the main character screen. Green being default and Red and Blue being team colours. Yellow can only be selected from the customizable character screen. Here you can mix them up any way you like, which I really liked - good addition. The skins themselves look very good and I was impressed with them - even without the dynamic glow they still look pretty good. The swamptrooper skin has been saturated and have had colours added to their helmet, arms, torso and legs. SW-141 has also been written across the side of his torso. [b]Sounds:[/b] There are new sounds for the SW-141 made by him. There is one taunt sound, as far as I know, and it says 'I'll cut your head off.' ~lol~. There are several death sounds aswell, but I can't type them out, for obvious reasons :) [b]Overall:[/b] I found this a brilliant pack and I will most definatley be keeping it in my base folder. Again, good job SithMasteR555! If you are interested in this download either from the review or from the screenshots, give it a download! Dommie Kun [b]Bot Support:[/b] Nope [b]NPC Support:[/b] Nope [b]Team Support:[/b] Yep [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yep [b]Shaders:[/b]Yep
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