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Squadmate Update: "=UAC= BFG Campbell" reports for duty carrying one helluva BIG Gun! When is the last time a new mod really blew you away? If you said the last time you downloaded and played
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=UAC= BFG Campbell, then you'll be happy to know we think alike! We are happy to present the must anticipated updated version to the popular Single Player mod developed by [b]Murph[/b]. =UAC= BFG Campbell is a [i]Special Edition[/i] mod offering Doom3's own model brought to life by combining some of the contributions of the developers mentioned in the readme. Campbell is a spawn-in "Follower" Marine who comes 'Alert Ready' and once he fires the BFG... KABOOM!!!... Enemy?... What enemy ???? When looking for a little back-up in an un-forgiving world... =UAC= BFG Campbell is reporting for duty! If you've ever gotten your arse kicked, and said to yourself "...Boy, a little help in here would be nice." then it's time for you to rejoice! This mod will not only give you some company while you do battle, but he is also much more then a pretty face! This helping hand comes packing some serious fire power with his own BFG! =UAC= BFG Campbell comes ready to defend your life, and he'll have your back no matter what the situation. Fire off your pistol next to him and he goes into a defensive stance with the BFG while shouting out another voice add in "What the Hell!" If shot in the leg he will yell out in pain, march off and finish up with some fancy defensive spin around maneuvers while aiming the BFG! If all is well, he'll go back to an idle stance. No need to order BFG Campbell to attack the enemy as he will attack any enemy while in "Follow" mode or "Hold" mode automatically. While updating his previously released [i][file="93270"]= Alternate Monster Squad .XP = (v.1.1)[/file][/i], [b]Murph[/b] thought he would make this new version unique and worth the download! [i]"I thought I'd build my BFG Buddy a BFG Buddy, but give him an earlier phase 1 "proto-type" BFG that differs from "Campbell's" BFG!" says Murph! As always, little something different to add to your "Doom3" collection!"[/i] [b]Some of the tweaks included in this version are:[/b] A few upgrades A more stable =UAC= BFG Campbell Made repairs to his BFG script Going from ( v1.0 ) to ( v1.2 ) should provide a little quicker, stonger and much more stable =UAC= BFG Campbell =UAC= BFG Campbell (v1.2) will include the =AMS= "Elite Melee Warrior" script; The "Bravo Team", "Fire Team4" and "=UAC= Hazmat: Dr.Michaels" in nine different variations. All to be on hand and ready for action against an upcoming monster pak to be released shortly! These "Melee Warriors" will be busy as some "Flashlight, Hazmat and Skeleton Zombies" are included here as well to add a lil' fuel to the fire! Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information.
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