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Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of the Oblivion Lost mod by the OLP Team (Kanyhalos, Siro, Darius6 Barin, Dezodor). They have been hard at work creating one of the most
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ambitious mods out there today. This mod aims to bring Shadow of Chernobyl back to its original "Oblivion Lost" roots and adds in some of the gameplay features we STALKER fans have longed for, like FREEPLAY (explore the zone after the final NPP mission), improved A-Life, and so much more!!! [quote]FEATURES: FREEPLAY - New level changers (Stancia2 to Control Room, Control Room to Sarcophagus, Sarcophagus to Stancia1, Stancia1 to Pripyat, Cordon to Dark Valley and a new Radar to Bunker) - Removed the scripted blowout from Stancia1 and the dead zone from Stancia2, so you can explorate the whole Power Plant - The last portal teleports the actor to the court, so the game is open-ended A-LIFE - Now almost everything can be happened, there's a chance to meet any NPC's on other levels - Sometimes the army raids, sometimes not, this is totally random, too - The mutants are making their ways through pass the Zone in big hordes - The mutants are entering places what they aren't entered before, so there's an increased chance to meet them in human-being places REALISM - All weapons are strongers and well-balanced - Almost to all weapons be able to attach addons - Added realistic sounds to the weapons, rounds, ammos, materials, environment - NPC's are bleeding, if they are hurted then fall down to the ground, and if they don't receive any medkits about a minute, then they die - Bandages and foods don't heal the actor - The average bleeding don't stop by itself, only the minor - Added realistic head-bobbing to the actor when he is heavily wounded - Well-balanced armor degradation - The crosshair is reduced to a dot - Reduced HUD and removed NPC counter STEALTH - The NPC's can't notice the actor during night if his flashlight is turned off - If the actor turns on the flashlight, then his enemies spot him immediatelly - Reduced the sound volume of the Knife, now it's a dangerous and invisible weapon during night, presumably the NPC's won't notice the actor if he is smart enough WEATHER - There are 24 hours cycle weathers in all levels - The night is dark and scary - Restored the Sun and the Moon - Atmospheric sky textures BLOWOUT - The blowout is totally random, you never know that when it will start - The blowout spawns mutants and artifacts in random places - The NPC's are falling down when the blowout starts, and they stunned to the ground when it explodes, also the actor is slowered and has got some minor effectors - The blowout is dark at night and shiny at daylight - If the weather is rainy, then the blowout increases the intensity of the rain, the thunders and the wind MUTANTS - Added all cutout mutants (Dwarf, Chimera, Cat, Zombie, Izlom) - They have got so many different types of skins - Added the Psy Dog as a new mutant (with attack effector) - Two boss enemy characters (Burer and Koshei) - you can kill them with special methods VEHICLES - Added all drivable vehicles (Niva, Zaz, Kamaz, Tractor, UAZ, BTR, Moskvich) - The vehicles aren't floating - Well-balanced driving properties - Added realistic engine and gear sounds to the UAZ ARTIFACT ACTIVATION - This is a method of transforming the artifacts created by an anomaly back to the anomaly they were originally created in - Each artifacts have got different HUDs MISCELLANEOUS - Replaced main menu music - Main menu from the 2215 beta - Added the "Turn on the engine" to the options/controls - NPC's can buy everything from the actor but in very low prices - All traders can repair - New stalker and weapon textures - More types of skins of stalkers and bandits - Sleeping bag - Replaced some dialog sounds to russian - Added some songs to the camping stalkers[/quote] EDIT: Don't forget to grab the [url=";88621"]patch[/url]!!
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