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-All weapons have had damage improved, and damage has been standardized for the most part among calibers, 5.45 and 5.56 guns will do similar damage, same with 9mm handguns etc. Handguns have had a
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big damage boost and are no longer useless. an AKS-74U will kill a fairly well armored target with 3-4 shots to the chest with AP ammo and light armored targets like bandits will go down fast. -All weapons have had their accuracy improved, I used real MOA data where available, for example the AKS-74U will shoot about 1 inch groupings at 50m. I did not have MOA data for all firearms so I used educated guesses where needed, all firearms should perform fairly close to their real life counterparts. I did not have much MOA data for handguns but they all should perform in a believable manner. If you take your time it is very possible to headshot people from 100m with iron sights. The same applies to you of course so stealth is important, to balance this out guns do much more damage with silencers on then they used to to silencer headshots are possible to maintain stealth. -Weapons no longer auto-compensate themselves from recoil, after a shot you will have to manually readjust the gun to get it back on target, this makes the recoil of each gun a bigger factor when choosing it, adds an additional element of skill to firefights and long range shots, and makes semi-auto much more useful than it was before, firing a gun full-auto will require quick bursts and trying to dump the whole mag will result in the gun going out of control. This would have caused the AI to have lost all ability to recover from recoil, but luckily GSC saw this and had an unused command sitting around that lets you define a seperate cam_relax rate for the AI. -Muzzle velocities and weight have been adjusted where appropriate, for the most part GSC did a good job on these and they were all accurate, but a few like the SVD and SVU were set at very low leels compared to their real velocities. -Bullets will now travel much farther before the game stops tracking them, this will aid in long range plinking. This may cause an FPS drop in very large firefights though, I cant be certain. -SVU changed to an SVU-A to make it a bit more different than the SVD, it has reduced accuracy compared to SVD but it has the capability to fire full-auto at 600 RPM incase you have trouble up close. -New HUD positions as done by Angus McFisticuffs -Sights have been adjusted so you keep a 90 degree FOV with them raised, this feels much more natural and makes using the sights in close combat a lot easier. -Probably a few other things I\'m missing.
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