S.I.M.(STALKER IMMERSION MOD) Fix For 1.5.05 Official Patch


If there still are bugs that i have missed i will be back in a couple weeks I have tested this with the new patch without
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CTDS Changelog: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v1.0 for 1.5.04 original version Fix for CS official Update 1.5.05 -missing file for sleeping bag added -EyesOfARaven_Unofficial_Patch_for_1-5-04 added for stability in my mod, 1.5.05 didnt fix all bugs -npcs dont run out of ammo -npcs drop ammo at a believable rate -my new items spawn on dead bodies more, the more unique items less -changed the LR300 inventory icon back to its original icon -fixed some texturing done in the for inventory icons ( mags ) -crazy ai behavior fixed,( if it still does it its the game not my mod ) -factions attack like intended in swamps and garbage -medkits heal more -Sniper rifles dont spawn on random npcs, pkm, rpg, and RG6 spawn on much less npcs ( you will be able to use the original alternate spawn file i included to make them spawn more if you like that idea ) -buy and sell GREATLY depends on how the faction likes, i only tweaked this a little, because it ruins my mod if i put back to original values, WHY? because its too easy for players to stock up on goodies and sell them to everyone to make money. you wont have an issue making enough money to due upgrades with this mod, you just have to work for it -and other small details nobody has complained about that i found and fixed -NPCS spawn ammo and items more -Stalker Escape, Trader Escape, and one other trader, buy and sell my new items -all nps can buy and sell my new items -crate boxes now have a chance to spawn my new items plus other items -All armor starts off with Artifacts slots, some can hold all ten, some can hold only 5 this is done for my new items, !! IT IS BALANCED, No Uber suits !! New stuff in FIX -Added white phosphorous and incendiary grenade round to AK74, Abakan, RG-6, groza -Added HE and HEDP rounds for wpn_fn2000, wpn_g36, wpn_sig550, lr300, IL85 -added two NEW grenades, white phosphorous and Incendiary ( all new grenades use new explosions and have different wound effects ) NO this isn't the mod from Parabellum9x19, its his idea, i had to do all of these from scratch, plus i added more goodies :) -all npcs will drop the new items, and trade them This most of the changes, there are more little tweaks for gameplay and to please everyone I hope i fixed all the bugs for the new patch, if not let me know This mod requires that [url=";94448"]S.I.M. v1.0 Full[/url] be installed
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