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Now this is my kind of mod it changes TONS of stuff...I dont think I could say it better than the mods creator, speed...

ABC(Advanced Balance & Collision) Mod it's not a compilation, there is no team behind it, its just me, one person and it was my 1st mod and also my last mod for stalker, maybe i will update it when they release a new patch, just to make it compatible and add Free Play from begin, since they idea, is very different.Anyway, this update fix problems from the old version and bring much more unique features.Starting a new game, is a must to experience this mod, this doesnt change the main story, but get the best things from the game to make it better.The whole game levels will give you a different feeling, there are many type of different NPCs going through the levels, this is also one of the features, the fights will be more intense and the night will be scary, the blowout waves will be different in almost every level and there will be 2 options, take cover and hide till the wave is gone or experience it during a walk or a fight, the choice is yours.

Features :

- "Free Play"You can finish the game as many times as you want and when you finish for the 1st time, the next time when you go to NPP level, there will be no radiation during the blowout, so you can explore more and once you finish the game with true ending or join the C-Consciousness project or refuse to join, then you wake up in one of those "dead trucks" , that means you can also make a wish and go from there till last level, after you finish will also unlock the others factions, so you will be able to join any of them by talking to Cordon trader.Info: Once you finish and if you go back to NPP levels again, it will be very different, there will be the blowout, but no timer, so you can explore, but this time, there will be not just npcs, but mutants and same thing for last level, funny thing to see fracture climbing walls. (Need to start a new game or load a save game before prypiat)PS: You will wake up from a random dream, so every time you wish to finish the game there will be a chance to see a new one and one of them is "new".Info: If you want to see the Stadium, do go to main entrace, just go to left or right, there is place where you can get through the large fence.- "Blowout Waves"It's totaly random, with random sky and random effects and for every level it will have a different feeling, because as you advance there will be more effects, like psy phantoms, psy dog and mutants that spawn during the blowout, this brings a little bit of more tension, since you have no idea when it gonna happen, there is no timer, but instead of hiding, you can experience the whole thing during a walk or a fight and its more short than the one you are used with the last level, the blowout is more short, but it's in form of waves, so it feels more longer and those waves will hurt you, but not enough to kill you, so vodka and others radiation kits are really needed on the 1st levels, you will find enough of them. PS: I added a "show off" feature, so you can start a new game and see how the mod feels to you, after 5 minutes you will see the blowout wave.- "Join any faction" (Monolith, Military, Freedom, Ecologist, Bandit, Mercenary and Duty)That is right, you will be able to join any faction, though there is no need to join Duty or Freedom using this method, in fact i could be friend of both faction just doing certain quests.Info: To join most of those factions, 1st you must finish the game, but Ecologist, Freedom and Duty is on by default, why? because those dont have many conflict with others stuffs and you can make any quest.Then after you finish the game, you will have access to join the others factions, it's something very different, because every faction will sort give you a unique experience.For instance, if you join Monolith, you will have a hell of time in most levels, but in radar and npp levels they will help you, same for Militaries, but in the last level there will be just monoliths.Also you will only see this option if you have more then 10000RU or 50000RU for others factions.- "Repair Faction Status" & Quit Faction.Have you messed up the stuffs with a certain faction? no problema, just go to trader and ask if him can fix it.INFO: Only for Loners, Duty and Freedom, since the others factions you are always an enemy, you can join to fix it.You can also quit any faction.- "Configure this mod" - i left out some settings that the player can configure, just open db.script and read the information.some of these settings are: Join all factions, horror time, Blowout wave, etc...INFO: I STRONG RECOMMEND TO LEAVE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS, its the way this mod is meant to be played, though there is no problem configuring join all faction to "yes", this way it will be from the begin, but some factions may no allow you to do certain quests, that is why i made it to be only after you finish the game.- "Horror time" Now it's great, it's not just about spawing more mutants, there will be special effect and depending of the level, different type of mutants will spawn near you and also psy phantoms, you will know when this gonna happen when you hear a scary scream.- Artifact Activation with unique hude textures and idle sound.- Artifact Repair (Battery Artifact)As the name say, it repair weapons(87%) and suits(90%), thanks to: "Frag Maniac (AKA >Omen< ", he gave me the idea to make a root repair kit and i thought about making an artifact that can repair weapons and suit , i didnt make it 100% because it would make the traders repair useless, so 87% is good number for weapons and 90% for suit.- ZONE TV - TV now makes sense and have some funny stuff, see picture. PS: There are much more cool stuffs, but i wont spoil it, just download it :D- Take money from NPCs, you will be able to buy more weapons if you start a new game, it's fair because there are more mutants and a-life is more wild, not to mention i think this is the only mod that add more animals and they are mad! INFO: It's random and by rank, high ranked stalkers will drop more money.- A-life even more wild (may be not compatile with others alife mods, since this is "alife mod" itself), the 1st version was already very wild and you can complete all quests, also there is all the others fixed quests from the old version that have 10 days quest, so it's a woth starting a new game and exploring the levels.- BIG Fix: mutants spawns tweaked, it's perfect now, there will be no mutants spawing when the level load, thuskano and fracture tweaked, now NPCs can attack them.- Main story npcs with unique suits and same face, i thought they should stand out from the others, they also get better weapons and better protection from the suit. (need to start new game)- "New NPCs" (see pictures) and NPCs with better weapons from begin, now they can fight those mutants and bandits aint anymore just a target practice.(need to start new game)- Enabled PSY Dog in Pripyat and others levels.- "Black Bolt" - Bolt Artifact, it's a lethal weapon for short distance, but you will need atleast another artifact to balance the radiation.- Knife throwing - Yes that is right, just like the name safe, you will be able to buy a collection of 1000 knives throwing. Very good for medium range and even far away, i bet you will be playing around far away to see if you can hit some one. :DInfo: The animation is a little bit weird, but it works, i tried to make mini knifes, but i was running out of time, if anyone want to make a mini knife from the bolt texture, be my guest and email me and fix it.- Dream Mod - "No Hunger", you don't need to look for food anymore, so you can just sleep and you wont wake up dead.- All Suits tweaked and all Exo-Suits can carry additional weight and sprint as well, there is also up to 40 suits from the old version and all of them updated for the night vision and the extra weight.- 3 types of night vision, most suits that didnt have a night vision, now they do and those suit that had bad night vision, now they get a new one and the others remain with the good NV, since the night its more dark and npc can see better, i thought its a fair trade.- The whole weather system tweaked again, but its much more nice now, both NPP level are more clear and pripyat back to my "default" settings, so its more random now and thunderbolts are much more intense.- All traders tweaked, you will see much more items, when you finish the 1st mision, talk to Wolf to unlock the others weapons from Cordon trader. You should get a pause of 2 seconds, no big...- Added Trader to pripyatYou must follow that group of stalker and if one of them is alive you will be able to buy stuffs, also they will take over that big building by the left of the subway.- More physic objects.- 3 knives - you spawn with default knife and can buy more 2 from trader.Tip: to switch knife just sell your knife to trader and buy a new one or buy a different one and drop the active knife, then drop the other one and pick up the one you want to be active in your slot, if you drop the active knife and try to move the one that is in your bag, will make the game crash.- You can buy better detectors from trader - use the knife tip.- You will start the game with better weapon, "Auto walther" and alot ammo, a scientic medkit, antirad, 2 grenades and 1 knife.- Added more weapons, 2 Auto Pistol: Walther and Beretta.More unique weapons from the old version: Super Gaus, Gauss Pistol, Zone TR 301(LR300 different texture and features), 2 MP5(one Golden mp5 and the other is a MP5 mod)- Blood Tweaked- Added harmonica to all Stalkers and no error messages, i would add more, but i couldnt find harmonica songs.- Game Relations tweaked- and many others small stuffs/fix and as usual, i probably forgot to mention something.- All the others features from the 1st version of this modsee here:

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