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General Info:The purpose of this mod is mainly to de-nerf the weapons in stalker cs and make them more realistic as compared with their real world counter-parts.Please keep in mind that this is still very beta and not intended to provide perfect realism. It is merely a rough draft for getting as close to that point as possible.That being said, any feed back is GREATLY appreciated. I am looking for everything from general impression, to comparison of realism to real world experience (I have very little and am modding this based on information I have looked up on the various ammo types)My email is, also my GSC name is Elementlmage and this mod discussion link is : .4Alright, another new version and another shit load of changes. In this version I am delivering the long promised weapon changes with a little twist... Ironsights actually work now. Yeah!!! Horray for me!Anywho, I'd like to thank everyone who gave feedback for the last version. Also, you may be wondering why I skipped a version. .3 was internal only, I decided not to release it as there was not a big enough difference between it and .2 to justify it.The direction that it looks like I will be going in from now on is a complete overhaul of the weapons system in stalker. In the next release look for major changes to the upgrade system as well as minor tweaks to all previous changes.---------------Note:I am not 100 percent sure if this mod will work with 1.5. I am having some issues with the patch ;)Anyway, there are no script changes or anyother changes that should conflict with and changes the patch made. For now, just cross your fingers and hope not to get a CTD------------------------Installation:1. Place gamedata folder in X:Program FilesDeep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky - X being the drive letter you installed it to.2. Edit you fsgame.ltx file to force the game to use the files in the gamedata folder rather than the ones its has stored in the database filesDo this by editing the the $game_data$ line to read $game_data$= true|true|This way it will use any files found in the gamedata folder first and overlook those already present in the database.Disclaimer:I in no way guarantee that this mod will not void you save games or cause unforeseen errors. However, if it makes you feel any better, it works just fine on my PC and install.----------------------------v.4 changes-Sakahrov, in order to finance his research, now sells rare weapons and a few additional ammo types.There is a ten percent change for each of the following weapons to be available:-f2000-g36-pkm-svuAlso three new ammo types and one old favorite:-7.62x54 7n14 (there is a glitch, it still shows up as 7n1 ammo but it costs 1k vs 450, and yes it is that much better ;)-SP-5 (if you are tired of spending the cash for SP-6 or using those shitty PAB-9s)-M209 (now has a 15m kill radius, have fun!)-Vog-25p (now has a ten meter kill radius with dramtically increased lethality)-All assualt rifles as well as the Winchester and Spas have had their iron sights manually re-aligned-Pistols still have 1337 vision, I am debating whether or not to add iron sights back in.-Hit probabilities for the player(how likely the bullet is to count as a hit when the AI hits you) has been turned off. Cover and decent armor is HIGHLY recommended.This change is in no way masochistic if you play correctly. You are NOT Selvester Stalone!!!-----------Weapon changes from .2 to .4-All weapon hit_probabilities have been turned off. If you hit the target, it will count.-Abakan-base acc. changed from .6 to .45-cam_disp changed from .1 to .2-cam_disp_inc changed from .6 to .2-zoom_cam_disp changed from .1 to .2-zoom_cam_disp_inc changed from .5 to .2-AK-74-base acc. changed from .8 to .55-AK-74u-base acc. changed from .9 to .8-cam_disp changed from .5 to .8-Beretta-base acc. changed from .8 to .65-cam_disp changed from .6 to .8-cam_disp_inc changed from .6 to 1.2-1911-cam_disp changed from 1.2 to 2.0-Deagle-base acc. changed from .7 to .4-cam_disp changed from 1.2 to 4.0-Rape2000-base acc. changed from .6 to .4-cam_disp changed from .5 to .1-cam_disp_inc changed from .5 to .15-zoom_cam_disp changed from .5 to .1-zoom_cam_disp_inc changed from .5 to .1-grenade velocity launcher muzzle velocity increased to 76 m/s from 30 m/s-G36-base acc. changed from .6 to .35-zoom_cam_disp changed from .1 to .2-zoom_cam_disp_inc changed from .1 to .2-Groza-base acc. changed from .7 to .55-grenade launcher velocity inc. to 76 from 30-Browning HP-made it slightly less sucky, although GSC did come pretty close on the level of suck...and fail-L85-base acc. changed from .8 to .5-fail increased, ugh I mean, cam_disp changed from .4 to 1.2-cam_disp_inc changed from .4 to .6-zoom_cam_disp changed from .3 1.0-ZM LR300(no, it's NOT the HK416....I wish it were;)-base ac. changed from .65 to .55-MP5-base acc. changed from .8 to .6-cam_disp changed from .2 to .5-cam_disp_inc changed from .5 to .2-cam_disp_frac changed from .7 to 1.1-cam_max angle_horz changed from 10.0 to 5.0-zoom_cam_disp changed from .2 to .5-zoom_cam_disp_inc change from .5 to .2-zoom_cam_disp_frac changed from .7 to 1.1-zoom_cam_angle_horz changed from 10.0 to 5.0-Sig 220-base acc changed from .6 to .5-Sig 550-base acc changed from .7 to .35-SVU-base acc changed from .25 to .1-HK USP-base acc changed from .7 to .55-VSS-base acc changed from .25 to .15-9x18 pbp-k_hit changed from 1 to 1.1-9x19 pbp-k_ap changed from .45 to .55-.45 ACP-k_hit changed from 1.6 to 2.0-k_ap changed from .6 to .4-.45 Hydro-k_hit changed from 2 to 2.5-k_impulse changed from 3 to 1-5.45 fmj-k_pierce changed from .85 to .6-5.45 AP-k_pierce changed from 1.1 to .9-5.56 NATO-k_pierce changed from .7 to .5-5.56 AP-k_pierce changed from 1.2 to .9-7.62x54 7n1-k_pierce changed from 1 to .8

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