Warcraft III

War Of The Crown


War of the Crown Description: The King is dead and his two sons; Arthur and William, war over the right to inherit the crown. As a Lord loyal to one of the Princes, you must muster your forces
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and co-ordinate your battle plans for control of the land! AI can play, add as desired. Play instructions are provided in the Quest Log. Features: - Round based structure. Giving players a more strategic, planned actions type of game. - Morale System. If a team suffers many civilian or troop losses its morale may fail, causing troops to flee from the field of battle. - Music System. Featuring music that changes during battle and when the game objective, the Prince, is attacked. - Full AI support. Players set as computer can build armies and conduct both dynamic attacks and defense. - AI Control System. Pressing ESC during play brings up an AI control menu allowing for the selection of a range of different attack and defend strategies. Have the AI support your team the way you want it to. - Central Road Area. Face off with opponents in small skirmishes outside of the round structure in an effort to claim sole access to the travelling Merchants. - Merchants. They travel the central road and sell a variety of strange items. - Round Bonuses. Each round there is a chance that both teams will receive a bonus. The player on each team that receives it depends on their actions during the game. - Play balance. The stats and abilities of all the units have been carefully set up for a balanced game with effective counterability. - Blood effects. Now when you hit someone with a sword or shoot them with an arrow, blood comes out, not just on death. - Custom abilities, upgrades and items that are trigger driven for previously unseen effects. See the change log within the map archive for development information. v0.99j CHANGELOG: Added the ability to open the Castle Gates during an attack. Select via the AI Menu. Opens one set of gates each time. Each cannot be reclosed until the next round. Use with caution! Can also be used to cause your AI allies to fall back. Added additional event feedback. Added limited AI defense reactivity for an all AI team. Minor Changes: Catapults can no longer bleed. Fixed Team 2 camera panning when an attack begins. Reduced duration of Elemental Chaos skill. Additional miscellaneous fixes.
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