CnC Red Alert 2

GAU´s Ra2: Yuris' Rache MapPack


GAU´s Ra2: Yuris' Rache MapPack contains 15 new Yuri's Revenge maps! The list of screenshots and the map descriptions are in order from left to right. A list of the maps are shown below: [list]
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[*] GAU´s War 1 - Rush Action: Each base is started out right next to each other. Oil Derreks and jems are everywhere. Rushing is encouraged [*] GAU´s War 2 - X Ländereck: A river in shape of an "X" separates the land bodies on this map. Each land mass is connected by bridges. [*] GAU´s War 3 - Bot Fight: This map is made for playing with, you guessed it, robots! A place for players and a place for computers included, giving the computer's side a bigger bonus. [*] GAU´s War 4 - Snow City: On this map, there are two side islands that are connect to a middle island by bridges. The middle island has a city on it and the map is in the winter setting, hence the name. [*] GAU´s War 5 - Wüste Lebt: This is a map made for bots as well, except this time, it's in a desert setting. Two players are in the south, and the other computer players are north, of course they have the advantage. [*] GAU´s War 6 - Big Rush: A big rush to the middle house! The Westwood house! Go Go Go! [*] GAU´s War 7 - Die Wüste: Each player starts off in four corners, a lot of money is on this desolate desert map. [*] GAU´s War 8 - Ultimate War: Another comp stomp map! Two players start to the north, and the computers to the south. In the middle, there is a bunch of tech buildings and goodies. [*] GAU´s War 9 - Ice Party: A three vs five ice map. Nuff said. [*] GAU´s War 10 - Oil Action: This is another three vs five map. The middle island has a bunch of oil derriks, it is vital to get this spot. [*] GAU´s War 11 - Low Money: Quite ironic... A two vs six map where the two players get a huge amount of cash. Should be a good game. [*] GAU´s War 12 - Blutrausch: A jungle, three vs five map. All the tech structures are hidden within trees in the middle of the map. [*] GAU´s War 13 - Snow Party: A party, which happens to be in snow! [*]GAU´s War 14 - WaterWorld: Each player starts out on an island. One island has a bunch of tech structures on it, so it is imperative to get to it. [*] GAU´s War 15 - WaterWorld v2 Small: Basically the same as WaterWorld except smaller. The tech island also has a bunch more tech structures on it. [/list] These maps are more leaned toward Human vs AI, but you can play them as Human vs Human as they are still pretty even. Enjoy this grand map pack.
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