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If you enjoyed his earlier releases...and many of you did :) then hold onto your buns, things are about to get exciting! HavokSage is back, and good news everyone, he has not come empty handed...he
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has brought along his latest and greatest release to 'wow' you with! The Dynamic Fire 2 mod brings will give some of the effects in [i]Crysis[/i] a bit of a face-lift...Making anything better is always good, and improving on a spectacular game like [i]Crysis[/i] is even 'gooder'...that's right, I said [i]'gooder'[/i]. What you will get when you install Dynamic Fire 2 is Dynamic Fire spreading from [i]Far Cry 2[/i] now available in CryENGINE 2. The mod works on it's own, there is nothing that needs to be set up; As the name of the implies, Dynamic Fire 2 is all about dynamics, meaning, once the fire is started, the pattern that it uses to spread depends on what is nearby; Trees, flora and fauna, structures, if it burns, it will go up in flames! A word of caution though, if there is any wind, the flames will be fanned and move in the same direction, just like in real life. [b]The features of this mod include:[/b] Fire spreads dynamically Fire is affected by wind and the environment around it. [list] [b]Some of the changes in this version include:[/b] [*]Larger fires from 1.1 [*]More fire particles. [*]Nicer Particles (Less blob, more burn) [*]Better reaction to wind. [*]Terrain, Vegetation & building burnt texture added. [*]WIP Flamethrower added (details below). [*]Crashes fixed. [*]And more! [/list] To better understand how this mod works, here is a video clip of it: To enhance the fun-ness of Dynamic Fire 2, HavokSage has added another change to this version! As indicated in the Change list, there is also a new weapon included: the [u]Flamethrower[/u]. [i]"This weapon is available in the editor only, unless you want to include it in your mod and mods levels, or add it to the Crysis SP maps yourself. In the editor you will find the weapon in the "Entities" section of the Rollupbar (bar on the left Wink ), in the Items folder. Its called "Flamer". This weapon is still a work in progress, as it only has rudimentary particle effects, and uses the SMG model. Hopefully in the future I can get this weapon finished."[/i] This makes burning stuff a whole lot easier...not to mention more enjoyable! A truly magnificent addition to your [i]Crysis[/i]'s like having the best of both worlds...don't forget to put on your fire-retardant underwear...there's no point in taking unnecessary chances! :D Refer to the readme for more information.
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