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I cant remember the last time I saw a good Menu mod for JK2, although then again, I do have a terrible memory sometimes. :P Here though we have a new mod for JK2 entitled ‘Platinum Edition’ which
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changes not just the main menu, but rather a lot of other things too. Rather than me trying to explain every one, it is probably better if I just paste in the list from the author’s readme, as I think that sums up the changes very well. [quote] Changes Main Menu screen to a rather cool looking view of space (lotsa stars hehe) Changes Main Menu & Dueling music to a cool techno Duel of the Fates Remix Changes the color of the lightsaber cursor Changes all lightsaber colors to more neon-looking colors Changes colors of the deployable sheilds Changes the darkness of the Trip Mines (not the laser, but the mine itself) Changes the default loading screen (to a similar pic as the main menu) Changes the color of the sheild (the spawn protection thing) Changes the color of the personal shield (when you get hit) Changes the Console to a neat star pic (also similar to the main menu) [/quote] I must say that I do really like the new main menu screen, the background of stars looks cool, and the black and white seems to compliment the red and blue of the lightsaber blades on the left side of the screen very well. Another noticeable change is to the lightsaber blades and colours. The colours are much brighter and as said above are more ‘neon’ looking. The core of the blades is also much thinner now, as opposed to the thicker white beam of the default blades. Another big change of course is the music, which is now a techno version of everyone’s favourite Duel of the Fates music from Episode 1. Personally this was not really to my taste, but that is just my personal preference. If you like techno or dance music, then I think you will definitely like this. :) All in all then an interesting and far ranging mix of different changes made to JK2 here although I think that the overall effect does look good. If you guys fancy a change from the default look and feel of JK2 both ingame and on the menu screen, then give this a download! ;) [b]***NOTE*** In response to the authors question (at the end of the readme) about taking screenshots without the console:[/b] What you need to do is bind the screenshot command to a key on your keyboard. So open the console and simply type /bind x screenshot and then press enter. X can be replaced with whatever key you fancy, then all you have to do is press that key to take screenshots. Don’t forget to remove the HUD though by typing /cgdraw2d 0 in the console. Once you want the HUD back, just put a 1 on the end instead of a 0 and press enter to change it back. You can also do the same thing to get rid of the gun in first person view, just type /cg_drawgun 0 to get rid of it and replace the 0 with a 1 to get the gun model back on again. I hope that helps! ~Nozyspy~
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