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Making his return to [b]D3Files[/b], cleandesperado is here to once again, put a smile on your face! If you are tired of sacrificing quality of your Doom game, just so you can get a little more
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performance then have we got a file ready for your immediate enjoyment! What will this file do for you and your gaming adventure? Well, with it you can tune the game's settings, and create a config file. Every setting has its own description, and most of them have pictures also! [b]Some of the Main Categories include:[/b] Graphics: The title says everything. Not just resolution, but AA, AF, muzzle flash, particles, blood effects, light multiplier and many other settings! Sound options: Occlusion, EAX, OPENAL, Speaker System, Reverse audio channels, and many other settings Game options: Gravity, gun position (X,Y,Z), Movement/Run speed, Third person view, Time scale, enable nightmare difficulty level, etc. Network settings (helps to improve your pings!): Allow downloads, max rate, prediction, Number of sending move commands And many other settings! You can find four presets by default in the Doom 3 TWEAKER (you can save presets also). You can load any of them by clicking on the 'Load Preset' button, and selecting it. 1 - Minimum Quality.prs If you want to get the MAXIMUM FPS possible in Doom 3, use this preset. It's useful if you're playing on a very old machine. Note: some textures, texts will become unreadable. 2 - Low Quality.prs Using this preset gives you more FPS. The different between the Minimum Quality preset and this preset, is that the Gun is shown in your hand, and the texture quality is slightly better. 3 - Maximum Quality.prs Use this preset if you want to boost doom3's graphics to the highest level. 4 - Set everything to default.prs This preset sets every setting to it's default value. [list] [b]Other functions:[/b] [*]Import cfg files [*]Create/load language files (langeditor included) [*]Delete cfg files [/list] Doom 3 Tweaker is a must have for every Doom III gamer that wants to squeeze as much optimal performance out of their gaming rig that is possible...start your download so you can start your gaming enjoyment! [b]Some of the new features included are:[/b] 'Doom 1,2 style gameplay' Preset, with incrased game speed, incrased walking/running speed, and with center positioned guns (you Must execute the config file after loading a map)! New options: Vsync and Field of View Some bugfixes New / updated pictures for descriptions Refer to the readme for more information.
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