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Open up your bandwidth and submit! Submit, I tell ya! MUHAHAHAHAHA!! ...errm *cough* yeah. A line so captivating, it had to be used again! :) Dartborne is back, and he does not come empty
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handed...and as with before, he once again comes with what would appear to be the largest of the mods that are at your disposal...this bad boy weighs is at a whopping 400 megs! And it is worth every kilobyte! This mod does just about everything a gamer would like to get in a download Some of the new improvements and abilities include:[/b] The squads are more bigger. The weapons of the squads are varied. The allied tanks are recoverable. Infantry units of and vehicle have been added to new. The power of the tanks and antitank has been increased. The reach of the special tanks is but long. (Pershing, King tiger, Tiger ace, Jagdpanther, Patton' s Firefly) Parachutists have added themselves to all the races. Trucks of provisions a have been added: The USA., the Commonwealth and Wermacht. (The engineers repair the near vehicles automatically) The supply trucks can spawn weapons. Races: USA- Riflemen: 8 Garand + 1 Thompson. (they can send smoke grenades) Engineers: 2 m3 + 1 Thompson Scouts: 2 Garand + 1 Thompson. Captain. Command squad (he depends on the doctrine) 1 Thompson + 1 BAR + 2 Garand. M5 Stuart Sherman Firefly (single 2) M7 Priest (single 3) Radio operator (single 2) Company of Infantry Rangers: 4 Garand + 1 BAR + 1 M1A1 Assault engineers: 1 thompson + 1 BAR + 2 Bazooka + 1 Flame thrower + 3 Garand (they can recover tanks) M36 “Slugger” (single 3) M4A3 Sherman 105mm Airborne Company Airborne infantry: 6 Garand + 5 M1A1 + 1 BAR (they can improve with 3 Thompson) Troops of Glider: 1 BAR + 1 Thompson + 4 Garand (they can improve with 2 Bazooka) Airborne Engineers: 2 M3 + 1 BAR + 2 Garand + 1 Thompson. Jeep of glider. M4A3 Sherman “Jumbo”. Sniper parachutist. You can call gliders. Armor Company Armored infantry: 1 BAR + 1 Thompson + 4 Garand + 2 M1A1 Carabine(they can improve with 2 Bazooka) Sherman calliope buildable (only 1) Expert engineers(they are an standard engineers improved) Pershing M26 buildable(only 2) Pershing M26 of reinforcement(only 2) Patrol combat P-47 Patrol bombing P-47 And many more! The Dartborne Mod does just what it says on the package, as well as furnishing some new threads for your boys, so that they can go into combat with some confidence, along with a new look, you will also see some new improvements as well as some new abilities! If a good time is what you're after, then you should start your download now! Enjoy! Refer to the readme for more information.
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