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I’m afraid this is another one of those files where I don’t know anything about the person or character the skin is based off, although he is apparently called Burai and has white hair. The author
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sums the character up pretty well in the readme though: [quote] Burai is the evil, red cloaked Neo-Sapien from the movie Casshern.[/quote] The character icon ingame seems to be a picture of this Burai character, and unfortunately that was also the only reference picture I could find after a cursory search of the web, so that’s all I have to go on in terms of judging the likeness. The model that the author has chosen to re-skin here is HapSlash’s Anakin, which I think is a reasonable choice, considering both characters have fairly long hair. Though Burai has more spiky straight hair, in line with anime tradition, as opposed to Anakin’s wavy flowing hair. Nevertheless though, I think the Anakin model was a decent choice. One thing I noticed straight away was the fantastic specular shader on the red leather like parts of the robes. This looked really great, and definitely made these areas of the clothing look like leather or another similar material. The skin overall is good quality, although there are a few areas that I feel need working on. Although the Anakin model was a decent choice, I don’t think it quite fits the look and theme of the Burai character properly. Even with re-coloured hair and clothes, he still looks too much like Anakin. Also, from the screenshot submitted with the file, it seems like the player model is supposed to have a red cloak on as well, however the skin selectable ingame does not have this cloak. I definitely feel that the addition of the big red cloak would have helped make the skin look a bit more like the character it is based off. Lastly I also think some custom sounds would be cool if you decide to do another version of this skin in the future, perhaps even some from the film. All in all though a decent skin here, and I especially liked the use of that great specular shader. I look forward to seeing this skin pack you have planned mate! :) If you guys like the look of this skin, then be sure to give it a download! [b]New Sounds:[/b] No [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No ~Nozyspy~
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