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Author: Versions: 7.8, 7.7, 7.6, 7.5, 7.42, 7.41, 7.4, 7.32, 7.31, 7.3 by Kamulec Here is lots of authors of older versions. Author of the first based it on Europe Risk. My version 7.3 is based
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on version 7.2 by Spontanus & Risk_FTW. Middle Earth Risk 7.8 is the newest official version. The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.8 and 7.7: - statistics of ALL units, hero, special abilities and auras have been balanced and remade according to the mathematic - gates work properly - changed taxes and spawns - Resources changed: Wood has been replaced by Special Points and Food by Glory. - Special Points (SP) works similar to wood but you get SP/turn = (Glory+3)/4 - you don’t need Glory/Food for hero - hero aren’t so mighty warriors as they were. Now they are useful only as a support (as it should be) - no hero cloning. You cannot buy a new hero with the same name while old one is still alive (ex. there can be only 1 Which-King same time), excluding Nazguls. - 4 new heroes: King of the Mountains, Gandalf the Grey (+new model), Gandalf the White, Black Rider - new models, other visual changes - changed sounds of armour (while hitting) of many units - units and hero changed for being more similar to LotR - changed paths (walls are not able to be passed) - 4 units added - 3 units removed because there were an invention of MER’s authors and don't exist in LotR - new commands “-to X” “–from Y” which let you to make a charge into or from the caves - it’s easier to use Cair Andros’ bridge - a lot of small changes and fixed bugs - changed F9, improved hints, thanks and credits The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.7 and 7.6: - much more balanced units (about half of them was changed) - gates and bridges works as they should (times is needed for opening and closing them, they are repaired only at the beginning of each turn) - a ford added next to Osgiliath (units move really slow in it and aren't able to attack effectively) - Moria replaced by Misty Mountains - Mithril Mines replaced by Moria - North Rohan replaced by Enedwaith - West Rhovanion replaced by East Emnet - lands of Harad renamed - Brown Hills called Iron Hills - gold and spawn system is partly changed - 4 new units added - undead dwarves removed - 7 new models - outlook changed a bit - new hero: Aragorn (very effective against Deads) - Thurin, called Dain, moved into Iron Hills - few units renamed (Beregond called Faramir) The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.6 and 7.5: - much more balanced units - removed few bugs - rebuild of income - defending in caves is no longer way to splash enemies - les differences from Tolkien's world - new hero: Eowyn (very effective against Witch King) - more balanced - les differences from Tolkien's world - better outlook, 1 new model The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.5 and 7.42: - new models in game - more balanced - les differences from Tolkien's world - better outlook - remade information form F9 The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.42 and 7.3: - more balanced - les differences from Tolkien's world - renamed towns - correct information which country's part this town is - better outlook - list of authors - removed not actual information form F9 - to4 mode
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