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"Terra Strife," for those of you unfamiliar with the mod, is Taivyx's work-in-progress mod featuring a slightly less "far far away" galaxy and not such a "long time ago." This map is just the stock
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Mygeeto map, featuring some of the sides from that work-in-progress. You'll immediately notice that things do look a little different (Mygeeto aside, of course). Several good reskins as well as some new playermodels fill out two sides, one the U.S. Marines, and one "Cobalt Force," a terrorist-analogue. All of the units' weapons are new models as well - not a small feat, considering that the models themselves are done well too. Another high point (and point of immediate notice) will be the sounds - you'll notice that not only do weapons have new (and presumably correct) sounds, but some of the units' voices have been given what I believe are different stock voiceovers, including some unused ones. Those two areas, appearance and sounds are certainly the high point - however, there are some areas in which I believe these sides need work, too. The first, and biggest, issue is going to be balance. For whatever reason (it may be something as simple as the time the grenade-analogues need to explode), the battle is consistently weighted in favor of the "Cobalt Force" side. Difficulty setting, side the player chooses - neither of these appear to matter as it is consistently easy to win as the terrorists but a very rare occurrence to win as the Marines. The second issue I would take is one of taste, perhaps, and the author and others can feel free to ignore it. I am opposed to the contrived "difficulty" given to this mod. You'll notice in the readme that the author encourages you to take cover often - this is not borne of some change in the AI or change in the way maps are scripted - it's simply because the weapons are more powerful. The actual game "difficulty" hasn't changed, weapons have just been made more powerful and consequently all this really means is that battles go faster and the player dies faster. Wheee! My suggestion related to the above would be to either increase the AI difficulty (through the lua, see campaign scripts) and not increase the shot power - simply making weapons more powerful is not truly increasing difficulty. Careful planning in custom maps or careful placement and setup of objects could in fact enhance difficulty, but the fact that this is a "shallow" difficulty increase is apparent on stock Mygeeto. Anyway, those issues aside, this is a well-done [b]beta[/b] version of Taivyx's upcoming mod, and anyone interested in it should be encouraged to check it out. -Mav
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