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Chrissstrahl has uploaded his latest version of the HaZardModding Coop Script Mod. This is the zipped version. [b]Mod Info[/b]: The HaZardModding Co-Operative Modification is an
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interactive,supportive and extensive quality code Matrix, integrated into the Star Trek(R) Elite Force II level-scripts; Completely soft-coded, in addition to being server-side driven on Ritual Entertainments heavily Modified Übertools ID-Tech3 Engine. [list] [*] Play instantly, no downloads required to join a Co-Op Mod Server [*] Command or Interact with NPCs [*] Take the Challenge of the heavy Last Man Standing Modifier, and resurrect fallen Team-mates by collecting Golden star ships [*] Go trough seven Single-player Missions and all six Secret-Levels, together with up to 7 Buddy's companying you [*] Modulate with your Tricorder, thanks to Puzzle Objects high quality replacements [*] Enjoy new details, more interactivity and Simplified bilingual communication [*] Support your Team as Medic, Weapons Specialist or Technician [*] Jump at any time to your Team it's last 'save location' [*] Enjoy the luxury of upgraded or new Menus and Huds [*] Fight enemy with adaptive strength [*] Touch Interactive Forcefields [*] Skip Multiplayer Cinematic [/list] [b]New Features of 4.1[/b]: [u]New playable levels[/u]: The complete Mission 4 with three new levels: [*]m4l1a-attraxian_station [*]m4l1b-attraxian_station [*]m4l2b-attraxian_station The last three missing levels of Mission 1: [*]m1l2b-borg_sphere [*]m1l2c-borg_sphere [*]m1l3-borg_boss One level of Mission 6: [*]m6-exteriord_zPak50.pk3 [u]Gameplay[/u]: [*]Singleplayer Mission Selection Menu [CL] - Allows you to jump directly to your favourite Singleplayer Mission [*]Network tuning assistant (DUMMY SAVE) [CL] - Makes is very simple to configure your network and performance settings [*]Console messages for important Co-Op events - Allows you to follow the mission process in the server console [*]A replacement function for the inbuilt function 'waitfordialog(entity);''globalCoop_dialog_waitForDialog(entity e);' [*]A Singleplayer Multiplayer entity Manager routine 'globalCoop_return_entityE1OrE2(e,e);' - Allows you to set two entities to be returned, one for single and one for Multiplayer [u]Updated Features[/u]: [*] Slightly modified Model shader on the HazardTeam Members (Player Models) - Actors will become notsolid on death(Stalker,Turrent,Lurker,Basher,Chewer,BugSmall,BugMale,BugFemaleNoSack,Leviathan) [*] Team AI is now crash safe, due to autonomic configuration for Single and Multiplayer [*] Mission 1 [*] Mission 3, added a lil more event happening and fixed cinematic sequences [*] Mission 5, if your team picks up the Idryll-staff it keeps it during the Mission [*] Mission 7, fixed some bugs, and the Monkey allows now Visitors again [*] Statistic huds [CL] [*] Global sound pan script [*] Last Man Standing Modus, spectating player lives will be transferred to new/other players [u]Fixed Features[/u]: [*] Wait until Warmuptime is up Function [*] Huds are now Managed correctly also during Singleplayer [*] Mission 9 (m9l1a-klingon_base), spawn spot overlay (1 and 4) [*] Class selection Models do no longer produce a crash if they got hit by a projectile [*] Global COOP Spawn scripts do no longer produce a crash if thair spawned entity got hit by a projectile [*] Mission 9 (m5l2b-drull_ruins1), Gas Camber Trap sequence produced sv-chrash, thanks to 'Isaac Joule' reporting it
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