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What we have here, would at first glance, look like just a menu mod. And for the most part, that is what it is. It changes the JK2 menu screens to a cool wavy-orangy background, changes the chat
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bubbles and the splash screens. However, look a little closer and you will notice that this also changes some of the ingame effects too. The most noticeable of the effects changes is the saber blade, which now has a ‘split in two’ look that is very reminiscent of the Jedi Knight ‘lightsaber’ logo, you know, the one on the front of your JK2 box. I am presuming this is where the idea came from, and personally I think it looks really cool, a nice way to integrate the Jedi Knight logo into the actual game. The saber trails have also been changed to look like flames and also among the changes are the bubbles that surround the player when they spawn, which now use a much better texture and don’t look like nondescript blobs anymore. ;) The most major change to the game however, is that many of the maps skyboxes have now been replaced by a starry night sky. This is the same for Bespin and Yavin maps alike, as an example. Whilst some people wont like the fact that this mod makes such a drastic change to the game in this way, it does fit in with the theme of the name of the mod – ‘night mod’. Personally, the maps don’t actually look that bad with a night sky instead of their default one, however I do think that this should have been made an optional feature. Anyway, back to the main subject of the mod, which are the game menus. As I said at the start, the menus now have an orangy theme with a wavy style background. The lightsaber cursor has also been changed, having the ‘wavy’ effect also applied to it, which looks a little weird, but also kinda cool. Lastly there are also new chat bubbles, which use one of the textures from the Yavin Trials singleplayer map, you know, the ones with the symbols on where you have to match the ones on the walls with the ones on the floor using your force powers. Anyway, all in all a cool mod here, I especially liked the new saber blades. I do think though that the night skyboxes should have been an optional feature, since some people wont like such a drastic change. As for improvements, I think it would be cool to add some new sound effects, like for when you click on things and such. That is, if you decide to make a v2 of this mod. Overall though good work here, I look forward to seeing more of your work! ~Nozyspy~
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