Jedi Knight III

Double Helix v2.0


Liked the Double Helix saber, but were disappointed with the slightly weird bugs (such as one of the lightsaber blades sticking out of the players crotch…ouch.)? Well LukeSkillz has now fixed those
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issues and perfected this mod. First off, here is the original review: [quote] Ever wanted one of those staff lightsaber’s that split in the middle of the hilt, giving you a single saber in each hand, and then can re-connect back into a staff saber (kinda like the one Asajj Ventress has)? Well thanks to some scripting wizardry, now you can! The actual hilt is based off the ‘Double Helix’ saber prop by and is a good representation, with both a staff and single version of the hilt available. The model looks cool and is well made and would make a good mod just on its own. The ‘saber splitting’ function however, is only available in single player. I presume this mod works in a similar way to the command you can use in MP to quickly switch between single, dual and staff sabers without having to go to the saber selection menu… and then die. So I imagine it should also be possible in multiplayer, but I could be wrong, this type of modding is not something I am that familiar with. Anyway, to use this in singleplayer you need to start a new game, and then when it comes to selecting the saber you start with, you need to select the staff version of the Helix hilt. [b]Don’t forget to put the included autoexec.cfg in your base folder for this to work in singleplayer though![/b] Then, once you have started a new game, all you need to do is press the z key to switch to the dual sabers, and then the x key to re-connect the two sabers back into the saber staff! :D As I said above, this mod doesn’t allow this function to be used in multiplayer, but both the staff and single hilts are available to use in MP. There is a bug here however. The staff version of the hilt does not appear to work properly in multiplayer; one saber blade emits from half way down the hilt, and the other sticks out of the hilt at right angles, which looks rather weird! I’m guessing this should be too difficult to fix though. One other thing is that no name appears in the saber selection menu for these hilts. It is just a blank space. These aren’t mod-breaking problems, but they definitely things that need to be worked on for next time. Overall though, this is a very clever little mod here, one which I have not seen the likes of before. So, if you guys fancy trying out an innovative new mod with some cool new saber hilts to boot, be sure to give this a download! ~Nozyspy~[/quote] So, let’s round up the issues that have been fixed in this new version; [*]Second blade no longer starts half way up the hilt on the staff saber version. [*]Issue fixed which caused one of the blades to appear out of the players crotch. [*]This mod now has multiplayer support, thanks to some clever scripting. You will need to be using the JA+ mod to be able to use the splittable saber script in multiplayer however. I think the changes that have been made have polished this mod up really well, and personally I couldn’t find any more bugs with this. So if you were a fan of the original, be sure to download this new bug free version! :) ~Nozyspy~
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