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This is the first full release of RED51's "Prime Front" mod, the mod we've had the chance to try out once earlier before in [url=;95637]this
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beta release[/url]. This still is a very funny-feeling mod. Ostensibly using the Metroid series as a setting, this mod has an interesting combination of lots of new and original material with some somewhat-mediocre polish made to it. The good: Lots and lots of new stuff. While at the surface "just" a sides mod, this ups the ante a little and adds not only new sides, but a significant number of new maps. In fact, most of the sides mod takes place in these new maps, as not all of the old maps (for sake of keeping mission counts lower) use the new era. The new maps are on the surface, all a breath of fresh air. They're not perfect-looking (and this will be addressed below), but at the very least they are all new and different-looking. I especially liked the two "caverns" maps (Magmoor and Phazon Mines); both of those had designs that were interesting to look at. The sides are, if a little bit overpowered, at least decently set-up. I like the texture used for the marines; it was an effective use of the clone trooper model with a texture that made it look very different. The bad: For starters, I felt that the sides were a bit plain-jane. Yes, they were different, but the units all felt very similar. This probably had to do with the fact that all the units' weapons were very strong; it felt like each unit was just a "blast-and-don't-get-shot" unit and I had a hard time distinguishing the use of one from another. Also, the maps' designs, while unique, weren't very polished. I am really pleased that you didn't make copies of Hoth, Yavin, and Geonosis and rename them, but that aside, what you did could have used some polishing. Some sloppy texture work (remembering specifically Phazon mines) and missing effect textures were some of the issues that could have used remedy. The end: In conclusion, it's always worthwhile at least checking something like this out. It may not be your cup of tea, and this may not be the [i]best[/i] put-together big mod, but you cannot deny that it does add a [i]lot[/i] of content - and for that reason alone (and it is certainly not poorly-put-together) it is worth your checking it out. -Mav
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