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The Mandalorian Wars Project, by Commander Fett, is a large sides mod for SWBF2 set during the... Mandalorian Wars, of course. The two new factions are the Mandalorians and the Death Watch and
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they duke it out on all the stock maps fighting for... something, with jetpacks and nearly-identical weapons. The sides are of course the entirety of the mod (being a "sides mod" and all). They're a well-put-together set of (as mentioned above) nearly-identical sides - the Mandalorians match tit-for-tat the weapons of the Death Watch, with the exception of hero weapons, which do differ from each other. The weapons setups feel very similar to stock sides, with the addition of a few higher-unlock classes, like a melee class or a commander class. The sides are the same from map-to-map for the most part; the one noticeable difference is that on the outdoor maps, both sides have jetpacks on every unit, which can change the way you might play a bit. I was a little disappointed to not see jetpacks on some of the indoor maps, though - perhaps the author found that the AI did not behave well? Anyway, there were some issues I took with the setup of the sides - the biggest problem I had was appearance. While a nice job is done with the textures for both teams, they both use (essentially, with only a minor helmet difference) the same model for [i]every unit[/i]. As you can imagine, this gets very confusing. An example: [img][/img] There are about equal number of each team's units. Can you tell who's on whose team? I had a hard time unless someone was actively in my reticule. The other concern I had was the melee class for either side - it's simply far too powerful. It's better than the heroes, has a cloak that stays up for a very long time, and does as much damage with melee (as well as the knockdown) as does a Jedi. With the bonus energy regen from the "endurance" award, you can keep the cloak up for the whole map and just never die. The only threat to you is the similarly undetectable and powerful melee units on the other team. The problem is compounded by the fact that it (along with everyone else) gets a jetpack outside. It just has too much going on to be balanced. Anywho, I'm sure there are several people who will be interested in fighting with an army of Boba Fetts running around Battlefront 2 - so if it looks interesting, give it a download! -Mav
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