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IntroductionsShooter Defense is a real-time action styled shooting game. It is a small and simple map, but the triggers are sophisticated and it is loaded with some 2D dynamics physics. Perhaps a simple description of the gameplay of this map is that it is a combination of Tower defense, Pudge Wars and Warlocks.Its like tower defense!Like tower defense, the main objective of this map is to prevent creeps from entering a certain region in the map. If any creeps enters the region, the life will start to decrease and the players lose if the life reaches 0. However, unlike traditional tower defense game, in this map, the units that shoots and kills the enemies are not buildable towers, but are mobile riflemen units called "shooters". Players start with a shooter at the beginning of the game and can hire more shooters as the game progresses. A shooter does not have any basic attacks but they can equip different weapons to shoot the enemies to kill them.Its like warlocks!Another main feature of this map is that it is infused with some real world 2 dimensional dynamics physics to improve the gameplay of the map. Physical concepts like Kinematics, Momentum & Kinetic Energy transfer, Elasticity and Coefficient of Restitution are evident and can be observed while playing this map. Or in other words, units bounces on walls and they also bounce on each other. This is where it is similar with Warlocks.Another similarity this map has with Warlocks is that weapons do not only deal damage (and/or spell effects) but they also deal "blast energy". Blast energy (or just energy for short) is the term used to describe the kinetic energy received by a unit when they are shot with certain weapons. When a unit is shot with a weapon they do not just receive damage but they also get blown away by the weapon. The higher the energy of the weapon the stronger the blast effect it can deliver. And creeps also have masses. The heavier a unit the more inertia it has, the more difficult it is to blast it with your weapons.Its like pudge wars!Another difference with the tower defense map is that the shooters does not attack with warcraft 3's target auto acquiring system. To shoot a weapon, you equip the weapon and point the target with your mouse and use the mouse click to fire the weapon on your own. This is where the "real-time action" part of the map comes from and also where it is similar to pudge wars.=================================================================Gameplay System:Firing a WeaponThis game as mentioned above has several unique gameplay system, one of them is how to fire a weapon. To fire a weapon, you don't use your left click for abilities casting but you use your right click button instead. Below is the instructions for firing a weapon.1. Equip the weapon by clicking on in in your inventory. A message saying "Current Weapon : ||weapon name||" will appear on your screen. The equipped weapon will become undroppable.2. Use the Take Position ability on your shooter. Your shooter will now become immobile. And everytime you command your shooter to move by right clicking, you are ordering the shooter to attack that target point instead.3. When you order your shooter to fire, a colourful bar will appear on top of your shooter's head which indicates the cooldown for the weapon. That shooter will be able to shoot again if the bar goes empty.4. If you want to drop the equipped weapon, you have to disarm the weapon first. If a weapon is disarmed, it becomes droppable but your shooters will not be able to shoot anymore.Multiple Shooter ControllingThis issue may look quite difficult and complicated, but believe me, it is not. Controlling multiple shooters can be done in two ways.1. Place all the shooters in position according to their weapons and use the take position button. Positioning your shooters are as important as building towers in the right places in tower defense games. Weapons with high energy should not be put opposite the goal since it will push enemy creeps in if it doesn't kill it. And some weapons are also more effective if used closed ranged.or2. If you are the type who prefers to run around and shoot people, then you can also move all the shooters together as though you are controlling just one shooter. If you want to start firing, just put all of them in position and start clicking on the general area of the target. This way, beautiful colorful rainbow of chaotic bullets and lightnings will decorate your computer screen immediately.and also3. Well okay, there is actually 3 ways, but this one may require you to be a genius or at least brilliant in microing units. The other way to control your shooter is by controlling them individually. I don't know if anyone is able to do it this way but I'm pretty sure I can't. But anyway, theoretically, this IS also a possible way to control your shooter.=================================================================Features:-a unique real-time action styled defense map-infused with 2D dynamics physics-weapons not only deal damage but also "blasts" enemies back-creeps collides with one another and with walls-20 different weapons to choose from-multiplayer up to 6 players-30 waves of fun creepsInspired By:Warlocks (Zymoran and Demestotenes), Pudge Wars (Various versions), Tower Defense (Various versions) and various Shooter styled Flash games especially MMM(Momentum missile mayhem) by DZ2001 & Requiem from Armor Games.Have Fun!!-= TheWye =-

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