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Before I start (I guess it's too late for that), start downloading this file. It's a fun, polished mod that's almost 150MB. So if you start it now, it might be done by the time you've read this and
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the readme. The problem with large mods like this is that; on the one hand, I want to give a through review of the mod which involves playing it several times, finding the good and bad, and then giving a several paragraph review. On the other hand, I don't want to bore my audience with every little detail when you all can form your own opinions and make comments that usually have no relation to what I write here. So give me your thoughts and I'll incorporate them into future reviews. I'll keep this one from going too long. After playing through this mod in the different modes and getting a good feel for it, this is what Empire at War should be like if it were released now. The basics of the game remain constant with a several little things bringing it together for a nice feel. First off, the FX mod should really be incorporated into every mod. Without it this mod would seem to lose a lot. Also, the addition of new planets always gives a more custom feel to a mod. Now, while many of my favorite ships aren't in this mod (K-wings, Assault Gunboats, Huge cruisers like the Viscount-class), there is a nice addition of ships that doesn't overwhelm, but still manages to be interesting. Another thing I really liked about space battles is that the capital class cruisers and space stations now how fighter compliments that better represent what they are according to the novels and technical books. One more thing that made me excited is that this is the v0.9 release. To me that says the author still has changes planned, and that I am looking forward to. Finally, I just wanted to respond to this point from the readme: [quote] Beacause a other problem the first upload was not approved because there were some bad words in the main song. If you want the original main menu song, download the starwars gangsta rap 2 by wierd al. But be warned for bad words. [/quote] The file wasn't approved because that song is copyrighted, not because of the language (although it was quite gratuitous and only seemed to detract from the game in my opinion). the_stag
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