Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

GTA IV - Trailer Three - \'Move Up, Ladies\' - PSP Version


Here is the third trailer for GTA IV, this trailer shows more of the characters within the game including the main character Niko Bellic. This shows what might be parts of the beginning of the actual
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game with the introduction of some interior areas, as well as some of the cut scenes that might be present within the game. There are are also police chase scenes, more of the helicopter, lots of explosions as well as boats and the a glimpse of shooting out of the car window (not drive by shooting style though). There are many scenes within the trailer also including police chases including helicopters, boats and the original car chase, I won\'t mention everything in the trailer as there is quite a lot Included. This is the version for Sony\'s PlayStation Portable, although it can be still used on the PC as a low resolution version.
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