Half Life 2

Garry's Mod: Zombie Forest


This is a cool map by Kdhunt2000 which is based in a forest with hundreds of zombies and combine. When you start out you are given a certain amount of time to build a kind of fort or a base or
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whatever you prefer after a certain amount of time (You need to press a button first) the zombies start appearing First wave: Fast zombies/Headcrabs and then the combine come along to "Sweep" up the mess left by you and the zombies. the idea of the map is wilderness survival the idea of building defences is about using the stuff around you e.g. Logs, scrap metal this map is still on the beta stage but. It is a great map in my own opinion. More versions should be coming soon. [quote]Ok so there are a few issues you should be aware of: DO NOT NOCLIP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES NEAR THE TOP OF THE TREES OR HIGHER (or climb for that matter)!!! There is an error that will most likely happen if you go above the trees or even near the top it sometimes occurs. This is not restricted to noclipping, climbing will cause it as well. Edit: I fixed this by adding an area near the top that kills you. It is just above the visible clouds so stay out. This does not mean the error still doesnt happen Try to keep from the tops of trees (or off the ground for that matter). It is caused by too many indices shown at once, I am currently trying to resolve this...I believe that I cannot. Overall, do not noclip as it also detracts from the feel of the map. somtimes the majority of npcs come after you but occasionly some just stand there.... just kill them and it will stop. that doesnt happen much though. As of this beta, I have fixed htis and am mostly sure that it seldom happens. If it does please report it! ________________________________________________ The point of this map is sort of a wilderness survival, this means that you should not do the following; spawn things from your spawn menu, make due with whats around you, whether it is logs or scrap metal. Dont no clip, also makes lameness, no noclip even during construction, in later releases I may have construction timed so dont dilly dally EDIT: construction is now timed. When you hit the ready button you have between 24-30 minutes to build (it is on a random interval so will go off between the parameters). You only have one life. I have made it so that if you die after activation of npc spawning, you will be sent to a small white room, with a tv on it that is l inked to a camera which you can position before the start of the war. You will spawn here always after you die. No all weapons. If you use all weapons yet again you are taking away from the point of this map. Upon npc activation, fast headcrabs and fast zombies will spawn. When you kill most of them combine will be sent in to "clean up" anyone who knows about it (and any remaining zombies). Killing them will take a while. The map is finished once EVERY SINGLE npc is killed. When you win you will hear a message (followed by kickass music). [/quote]
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