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A few years ago, there was a mod being made for [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] by someone called Coola. This mod was to add the planet Coruscant to the game. Quanon was helping Coola with this
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mod, by reskinning the Taris modules to become Coruscant. He also reskinned inside the Dantooine Estates. A while after Coola left the Community, Quanon sent me these reskins to try out in my game, and I instantly loved them. A few weeks later, Quanon released them to the public to download. This was in 2007. Now, two years later, we've finally got around to hosting the skins here at KotORFiles. There are four parts to this. The Taris Upper City, the Lower City, the Sith Base and the Dantooine Estates. The Upper City has been made to look a lot more grand, with marble textures being used for floors and walls. It also has a different skybox, which gives the area a sunset/sunrise sort of look to it. The apartments are also reskinned as part of this, with the insides of those looking much more expensive, like they're rented by rich people, such as the Senators. An astounding transformation from the original Taris. Davik's Estate is also included with this, which was intended to be the Jedi Temple in the Coruscant mod. As you can see from the screenshots, marble texture galore here too. :p The Lower City reskin makes the Lower City into what I always thought it should be. Absolutely filthy. The floors are rusted and greasy and there's a general look of it being looked after poorly, and it being a constant battle zone between the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkar Swoop Gangs. Once again, brilliant transformation. The Sith base has been made into a similar sort of thing as the lower city. Plain filthy. :p The doors are rusted and the floors and walls are damaged and dirty. Something tells me the Sith Janitor may be on holiday. :p The Dantooine Estates were also meant to be part of the Jedi Temple, I believe. They've had a complete makeover as well, which makes them look much more grand and more well taken care of. The marble textures make a return here, too. :p Now, some of these textures (especially the Sith Base) may not fit in with the storyline or setting, but you can't deny their quality. They really are superb work from one of the communities finest. Definitely worth a download if you ask me! Be sure to look at the screenshots below, after all... [i]A picture is worth a thousand words![/i] :p [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. ~Marius
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