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*** THIS VERSION REQUIRES A NEW GAME! ***Sky Reclamation Project (SRP) is a community patch to address bugs still present in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky after patch v1.5.10. The fixes in v1.0.1 are as follows:Crash fixes:+ Fixed a rare crash in the Red Forest which would occur if the player followed one of Strelok's helpers into the ambush at the Witch Circle, when the ambush squad had already been killed.+ Fixed a possible all.spawn Army Warehouses waypoint CTD when mutants attack the military base (thanks smoq2). (New game required)+ Fixed a typo in the all.spawn (thanks PhoenixHeart). (New game required)Quest fixes:+ Fixed the Clear Sky "Find a way to Chernobyl NPP" quest not completing.+ Fixed the Army Warehouses Return Item quest where multiple Flame artifacts would be demanded from the player for completion of the task if the player was in possession of more than one Flame artifact upon returning to the quest-giver.+ Fixed the Army Warehouses Return Item quest where multiple boxes of 7.62x54 mm 7N1 rounds would be demanded from the player for completion of the task if the player was in possession of more than one box of 7.62x54 mm 7N1 rounds upon returning to the quest-giver.+ Fixed the Army Warehouses Return Item quest where multiple Meat Chunk artifacts would be demanded from the player for completion of the task if the player was in possession of more than one Meat Chunk artifact upon returning to the quest-giver.+ Fixed the Freedom barman's quest to eliminate the threat at the gas station being canceled when the player completes the task.+ Fixed the Freedom "Respond to the SOS signal" quest where, if the player initially fails the quest, they will keep receiving and failing the quest each time thereafter, whenever they go near the dead squad.+ Fixed the issue in the Cordon where the player could pay the stalker squad on the hill multiple times for their assistance in dealing with the vehicle station military squad.+ Fixed the issue where Drifter didn't offer any reward after you saved him from dogs. He should offer you a stash info which contains the third cordon flash drive "electronic stabilization system for shotguns".+ Fixed the issue with the first Clear Sky Return Item quest where the Makarov PM on the soldier's corpse is actually not "modified", despite the quest description clearly stating that it is.Gameplay fixes:+ Corrected global dialog & message texts.+ Fixed armor descriptions pertaining to artifact containers and upgrade possibilities.+ Assigned unique names to some quest weapons & armors which were missing them.+ Fixed a multitude of info_portion and texture related console errors.+ Fixed the issue where the player's weapon would sometimes be intermittently holstered during a firefight at the bandit base, despite being an enemy to the bandits.+ Fixed the issue where Yoga and Flayer of the bandit faction could get gunned down prematurely, in most circumstances by Duty (thanks Red7204).+ Made Sergeant Cheersov temporarily invulnerable during the snork attack in Agroprom to prevent his premature demise (thanks Red7204).+ Fixed the issue where Yoga would not disappear when he is supposed to during a raid on the bandit base (thanks Red7204). (New game required)+ Resolved the error where the player could not drag and drop objects with the SEVA suit equipped (thanks OGSM Team).+ Made a number of characters invulnerable, to prevent the accidental death of important characters like traders and mechanics, or the random death of others such as Drifter and Hound (thanks Vandal).+ Fixed the bad timer on artifact respawn times (thanks Pavlov). (New game required)+ Fixed the Professor Beanpolev dialog, which could trigger over his normal greet dialog and sound strange.+ Fixed the Uncle Yar dialog succeeding the completion of the night bloodsucker quest, where the player could only reply to Yar's greeting with a prompt "Bye."+ Fixed the issues with the Professor Sakharov dialog where (a) he would ask the player to go see Lefty even after the player had restarted the cooling device, and (b) the player could ask for information about zombie attacks even after that is no longer contemporary.Weapon fixes:+ Fixed the wrong ironsight positions on most weapons in the game (thanks Angus McFisticuffs & burger & Tariq).+ Synchronized the sounds and animations of the Winchester 1300 (= Chaser 13) and LR300 (thanks Gosuke).+ Fixed a multitude of errors and inconsistencies concerning the weapon upgrade system (thanks DerHeiligeApfel). For the complete change log, see "Weapon Upgrade System Notes".+ Synchronized the depth of field -effect occurring when weapons are reloaded with each weapon's respective animation (see "reload_dof doc").+ Synchronized the bore and reload sounds of the following weapons: Abakan, AK-74, AK-74u, BM16, FN F2000, G36, LR-300, PKM, SVD, SVU, TOZ-34 (thanks RoboMook & smrtphoneusr).+ Added a sound for the 2nd bore animation of the following weapons: G36, L85, LR-300, MP5, SIG 550.+ Made the two second-tier SPAS-12 & Winchester 1300 upgrades mutually exclusive, as they should be. (New game required)Graphical fixes:+ Fixed the DX10 wet surfaces effect (thanks BaconBuster).+ Made camo nets and fences visible on ATi based graphics cards (thanks MacroN).+ Improved performance and enhanced the general image quality when playing the game in DX10 mode (no change for DX9 mode) (thanks jjwalker).+ Disabled the annoying, redundant flashing diskette icon appearing on screen every now and then.+ Replaced the weapon icons in inventory view for the PMm, PB1, RPG-7 and AK74/2U to icons that represent their real look (thanks Marked_2 & Danila_STALKER & BobBQ).+ Replaced the inventory icon for the exoskeleton to one which matches the in-game model.+ Resolved an error with the "Sunrise" Suit arm texture (thanks Kill_the_Strelok).For more details, see the readme below.

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