Age of Empires III

The Battle of Bunker Hill


After their fight with the British at Lexington and Concord, Duncan and Peter meet with General Washington to discuss a course of action. General Washington goes to siege Boston and entrusts the task
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of securing Bunker Hill to Duncan, Peter, and Colonel William Prescott. NOTE: The readme file is provided in the download. REVIEW by Mister SCP from Heaven Games: Playability: 8 The scenario was good playable and not laggy, until it become 10 (/15) minutes after Brit spawn. They killed the settlement on the hill before the Bunker Hill. But after they did that I noticed that they all keep stand there and don't move to the Bunker Hill (ca. 700 kills). When I got 800 kills It was unplayable due to the lag. The Brits had near my old settlement ca 500 Muskets and there stand even more waiting for a free place. If you upgrade it to TWC it will be surely a doable scenario without a mod is needed. Other things: It was not pretty good that your minuteman lost hp's and also I wasn't able to make 100 skirms while minute mans where alive (pop limit) Additional Note: that black box which covers the resources happens because there is a new resource bar which can only be shown in AOE3 TWC and AOE3 TAD. I had for example this issue Balance: 8 It was a really hard since once you run out of gold (enemy capture mines which are left-over) you had to sell other resources. A good idea were the sheeps in combination with the ?stockpile? to gather enough food. Also pretty good were the balance with settlers. But The enemy had an high advantage throught the fact that the musks hadn't a buildlimit. And because of this high range canons I was not able to take them out when they were produced. Also more unit variation could help a lot (canons with build limit or a few cav units) Creativity: 10 A scenario which gets his own mod is just awesome. This open a lot of possibilties which you have good used. E.g. Train skirms from heroes and a new hc (without deck :( ) Map Design/Quality: 10 A really beatifull map, good combination of terrains and water. The stances looked pretty good. All in All a good 5 Story/Instructions: 10 Nice story and clear instructions you have used. Also the chats in game gave you some feedback and your objectives were logical. I don't really know much about what happened in real history there but as you show it in your scenario it was nice. Additional Comments: I can recommend this scenario for people who don't screw for mods. Before I installed it I have copied the folders and so it was easy to reset the game to orginal files. PS: Really much must happen to bring a sp scenario to lag ;)
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