Battle for Middle Earth 2

Harder but more fun gameplay


This is brought to you by RGInquisitor This is a mod I made(thanks to Divine Shadow for the Command point, sauron starts with mordor and balrog hero mods)to make the game a lot more fun and
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challenging(carefull low-end PC users as this can laaaagggg!!!). Basically what this mod does is the following: 1-EVERYONE gets 10000 command points per farm/slaughter house/mine shaft and these also provide resources faster and at a greater rate. 2-AI will think its rich if it has 70 resources(meaning that it will build and/or create a lot of units). 3-Mordor automatically starts with Sauron for every game(singleplayer included) you play. 4-With Mordor, the Balrog is now recruited as a hero in the fortress(removing the summon balrog power) and it counts as a normal hero thus eliminating the time limit. 5-Every unit and structure uses very little resources and are built in less than a minute/20 seconds for most units and structures, and take note this does NOT work on custom heroes) 6-As mentioned earlier every farm gives 10000 cp to you AND the AI thus making the AI build armies that can sometimes flood the map entirely(this had my PC running at 0.00000000001 frames per hour lol) This also includes 2 self modified maps: Minas Tirith edit and Erebor edit, which are the maps shipped with the game but I self modified them a bit to hep the defender, example: I removed the 2 fire drake lairs on the east and west entrances on Erebor and I added a gate to each entrance to ensure nothing gets you by surprise, and on Minas Tirith you get more outposts and are able to get to the third level which is where your citadel is located, also I removed the western ramp to add two more outposts and ensure that the AI have a hard time getting to the third level, also added more gates to fortify the city more, just in case you lose your first level soon in th game....really soon) how to install: MAKE A BACKUP OF INI.BIG!!! OR ELSE YOU WILL EITHER CRASH YOUR GAME OR WON'T BE ABLE TO PLAY ONLINE ANYMORE! put Ini.big in C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II put the 2 map folders in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingMy Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II FilesMaps this mod is for the patched 1.04 version of the game, I have no idea if itscompatible with any other versions of the game and I wouldn't try to do either. Also take note that I am NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or copy of the game. Credits go to: RGInquisitor, EA(tm) and Divine Shadow(thanks a lot dude you got me into BFME2 modding) well enjoy and be sure to leave your thoughts or comments on filefront!
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