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Today I have the Honor or review a new mod form Fuggles. Are you board with annihilate and The VP in Dow 2 the only two online game modes? I bet Fuggles was and guess what he deicded that enough
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was enough! **GAME MODES** Tug of War Tug of War is a slightly adapted version of the victory point win condition. The ultimate goal is still to drain the VP total of your enemy, however in Tug of War your VP total increases for each point that you own, allowing you to recover up to your initial starting points. Leech Leech is a halfway point between VP and annihilate. For every VP that you own, the enemy HQ's lose 10 hitpoints per second. This is not a huge amount, but combined with your attacks will bring them crumbling down. Take and Hold Take and Hold is an old favourite from DoW 1 reborn. If your team holds at least 2/3 of the VP's on the map then a 5 minute countdown begins. When this countdown reaches 0 then you win, however if you lose your VP's then it resets. Hero Incap In this mode each time has a number of lives which corresponds to the number of people on the team, so in a 3 vs 3 you will have 3 lives whereas in a 1 vs 1 you will have 1 life. Every time a hero on your team gets incapacitated then your life pool diminishes and when it reaches 0 then you lose! Note that the lives are shared so in a 3 vs 3 then one player could die 3 times, or each player perish once. Team Incap Similar to hero incap only that if one team has every player's hero incapacitated at once then they lose Panic! If your team have no victory points for 60 seconds then you lose Free for all As requested, it's annihilate, only it's every man/bug/ork/elf for themselves! ~Fuggles own words. Now I play tested each and every single on these Game modes and let me tell you I had fun. Now I'm unsure if this can be used online sense I only did the off line AI. Each Mode look like it took hours upon hours to make a perfect mod. I'm beyond impressed with this mod this mod I highly recommend to everyone single Dow 2 player known to mankind! UwsarHatAnupuw
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