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Kalele Conflict - Bakwanga Mine


The Kalele Conflict - Clash at Bakwanga Mine (A FarCry2 Multiplayer Map by CGI-Bin Laden aka Interahamwe - October 2009) Due to its substantial mineral riches, the eastern highlands of Kalele
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have long been of interest to foreign mining companies, and Bakwanga is the site of one of the largest mines in the area. The mine is currently under APR (Alliance for Popular Resistance) control, but in the north-east, the UFLL (United Front for Liberation and Labour) is advancing relentlessly, intent on securing the mine for themselves and their allies. Both factions have hired foreign mercenaries, paid for by foreign backers, eager to exploit the turmoil of the ongoing civil war to conduct illegal mining. Control of Bakwanga Mine is a vital objective that could easily tip the balance in this conflict, and both factions know it. (Multiplayer) The mine itself is located in the center of the map, surrounded by steep impassable hills. Several roads and a railroad lead into the mining facility and are well protected by checkpoints. The APR starts out in the mining facility itself and they have two assault trucks at their disposal. The UFLL starts out in an old lodge in the jungle near the mine, and they too have two assault trucks. A long jungle road leads westward around the hills towards the mining facility and through the shanty town where the mining workers used to live. The eastern route is unfit for vehicles and leads through dense jungle. It leads to a bridge across a ravine, and ultimately the main road into the mining facility. There is an assault truck at the checkpoint. (Uprising) The three objectives are as follows: Objective A is located at the refining facilities on the eastern edge of the mine, Objective B is located at the train set, and opposite of objective A. Objective C can be found in the mining village outside the mine. (Capture the Diamond) The diamonds for each faction is located near their starting locations. The UFLL diamond station is found in the old shack at the edge of the valley, and the APR have secured theirs in the office building between the refining halls. This map features all game-modes! You are free to do what you please with this map, but if you plan to publish it, please give credit for good karma. (How to install) Put the .fc2map file in the user maps folder (in your documents folder).
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