Far Cry 2

The Kalele Conflict - The Battle of Rushuru


The Kalele Conflict - The Battle of Rushuru A FarCry2 Multiplayer Map by CGI-Bin Laden aka Interahamwe - October 2009 Rushuru is the former administrative capital of the eastern mining province
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of Kalele. Located downriver from the Great Lakes, it profited from the river trade during colonial times. Post-independence, Rushuru was degraded to territorial capital, but retained a degree of popularity as a lakeside resort. It became an APR (Alliance for Popular Resistance) stronghold after they seized the arsenal at the old garrison tower. When the civil war erupted, APR supporters cemented their control by purging the town of former government supporters and UFLL (United Front for Liberation and Labour) members. Down, but not out, the UFLL have now returned the repay the favor. (Multiplayer) Rushuru is built on the slopes of a hill overlooking a river. It is surrounded by water in the south and in the east, and steep hills in the north and in the west. The lower section of the town is predominantly poor and worker class, whereas the middle is for the wealthier Rushuruans. Hotels, colobial housing, and the old governor’s mansion dominate the upper level at the hilltop. The main road runs from the docks down by the waterside and up to the old administrative mansion. Other less conspicuous routes do however exist. The APR starts out in the mansion on the hilltop and must move fast to secure their base at the garrison tower down the street. The UFLL starts out at the docks, and must also make haste to secure their HQ in the political office down the street. The church and the garrison tower make good sniper points and the resent fighting have left a lot of road blocks in the streets. Be wary of enemy fire from the rooftops and snipers hiding in windows and doorways. (Uprising) The three objectives are as follows: Objective A is located in the main square between the church and the newspaper, Objective B is located in the hilltop hotel, overlooking the city, and Objective C is down at the docks in the lower section of the town. (Capture the Diamond) The diamonds for each faction is located near their starting locations. The UFLL diamond station is found in the old fishing shack near the waterfront and the APR is hiding theirs in the main building of the governor’s mansion. This map features all game-modes! You are free to do what you please with this map, but if you plan to publish it, please give credit for good karma. (How to install) Put the .fc2map file in the user maps folder (in your documents folder).
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