Jedi Knight III

[YOT] High Quality Levelshots Complete


First of all, before I start, here is a message from the author: [quote] For those wondering about the '[YOT]' tags, YOT is a project I've been working on to take JA and improve the base game. It
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will improve the gameplay, add features, improve the graphic quality and so on. I'm not focusing on throwing in things like a Cloud model, completely unrealistic saber trails and so on but keeping the core of Jedi Academy while adding features and improving on what's already there (both MP and SP). I plan on fixing some bugs in the game, removing the cap for how many mod's you can have, realistic dismemberment, and so forth. A site will be up in the next few months but if you're willing to help feel free to e-mail me or PM me on the forums. [/quote] Here we have the fifth and final batch of improved levelshots from Botdra. This here is the full monty, or if you are American 'the whole ball of wax' (you Americans and your odd phrases :P). This pack contains all the four previous level shot packs in on convenient .zip for those completists out there. As before, if you want the Siege Destroyer Bonus map and the MP Bonus maps to work, you will need to download them and have them in your base folder. You can find these files here: Siege Destroyer Bonus Map Bonus MP Maps As with all of Botdra's High Quality Levelshots mod’s, these .pk3’s will replace the rather poor quality Base JKA levelshots with nice new Hi-Res ones. The new levelshots have been taken from petty much the same angle as the originals and are in very nice high resolution and have dynamic glow on as well. Not only that but Botdra has evidently used his graphics card to force Anti-Aliasing on, so as well as being high resolution, all the edges are nicely smooth, with no jaggies to be seen. Overall a very nice series of mod's here Botdra, although, it may have been simpler just to release the full pack rather than five separate packs. I would very much like to see you give the JK2 levelshots (which are even worse quality than the JKA ones) a once over, so we can have nice high resolution levelshots for both JKA and JK2! *nudge nudge* ;) ~Nozyspy~
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