Stalker Extrem Mod (Beta)


And here is the first beta (and last I hope XD) of my Mod, I really changed everything since version 1.0, working much more in terms of gameplay and sound while getting involved more changes
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in configs and textures, Thx for Artistpavel and Holden, our two masters awesome and has all the STALKER community so active and enjoyable, and GSC Gameworld has obviously you're the best ... ENJOY! The balance of the game has been completely reworked since the first version of many popular features of the community have been built and modified for a game more dynamic, more unpredictable ... Complete overhaul of AI, the stalkers can perform more actions than ever, trying to survive above all, will flee if the battle seems to them too unbalanced, will be much more attentive to noise, again, depending on the weather they will be more or less capable identify the player, 'infiltration is really possible and is often paid (the same behavior has been built has some mutants that may very well not see you) A-life is more dynamic, Respawn have been improved, some monsters ever seen in Lurk or Amk are integrated, monsters that can not normally see that in the groundwater can be encountered at the surface, the packs of mutants are more numerous, more aggressive and really attack in groups. The weapons available to the NPC is more varied, depending on their skills in action, may now see effective weapons in the cord, group leaders are obviously better equipped than the average, have seen a special weapon. The ABC Sleeping Bag Mod and repair mod is added. The weather has been completely reworked from the work of trojacnuch and Artistpavel, the horizon is wide now, the cycle méteo random and dynamic. I also added a method similar to the mist mode "mist" of the weather AMK has a specific time of day. Mod arsenal was built and has reworked animations from Supplemental Gosuke few independent weapons have been added. The Ballistic has been reworked to be more realistic and vibrant without becoming burdensome, the accuracy is very variable depending on the weapon, choose the type of cartridge is an important point, as the choice of additional equipment, weapons jammed slower but this factor also depends on the weapon damage suffered, making the fighting more difficult and nervous x) Some animations have been completely reworked and some textures Full re-textured from the work of Argus, artistapavel, many textures and Clear Sky Call of Prypiat have also been added, I reworked some part of it. Shaders advanced From Artispavel modified with shaders of Clear Sky and Call of Prypiat, parallax occlusion mapping, dynamic soft shadows, advanced depth on Field, Enhanced Water ... I added a nice interface, simple and functional, I also completely reworked icons NPC and player after my own screens The campfire music has been completely reworked with hundreds of new acoustic music which adds a certain atmosphere around the campfires, the other NPC's comment that sometimes the music just heard and can play a song in their turn, the NPC now also play the harmonica (19 songs)
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