Star Wars Battlefront 2

Humans vs. Bots Training Map


"Humans vs. Bots Training Map" (or as it is localized in your game; Republic Training Zone), by DiurnalDarthDarkDeadDude, is a map as to whose purpose you can probably guess from the title. It is
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another of the maps with which I am left wondering "who is this for?" As with many maps "focused" on online use, it has a less-than-stellar design (why doesn't anyone making multiplayer-only maps ever seem to care about how they look?) and a relatively pointless single-player gameplay. The map itself is a mostly flat map with various props scattered around one of the CPs. It has sheer terrain walls surrounding most of it, except for one edge which is pretty much just that - an edge. I have to give the author credit - at least the singleplayer mode isn't so ignored that it's just the one player wandering around with nothing going on. GCW conquest is "normal conquest," with the exception of no AI paths and unbalanced CP setup. CW conquest, the "online mode," is humans (as clones) versus virtually endless CIS droids. This is an especially boring task, as it takes place on a drab map against dumb (no paths) AI, and the human(s) is/are expected to stay in one place. The smart money would be to make it so that the humans at least get to move around, and make them play against AI pathed to do something(!), and maybe - and this is a huge maybe - make the map so that it is tolerable on a visual level. It would then have the added advantage of being totally playable (if somewhat harder) for single players, too. All in all, the answer to my initial question - "who is this for?" - is summed up thusly: this map is for the author and whoever he ends up playing with, which, barring some exceptional circumstance, usually amounts to a handful of people. The reason I ask this question is because it seems like such a waste of time to go to the trouble of making a map, knowing that the online setup won't support mass distribution of it for online use, and that most downloaded maps are used in SP - and making it so that map can only be usable with other people online. If you're going to go ahead and make a map, go ahead and [i]make a map[/i] - put the little extra effort in and make it enjoyable both on- and offline. -Mav
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