Empire at War

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Prior to playing this mod and reading anything about it, remember that this is still a BETA. The good thing: I've seen final releases that are less playable than this. The bad thing: Nothing big,
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just some little things that can be ignored/avoided. I'm hoping that the final release of this has land changes to go with the space changes. Not that it's a big deal for many, some would even prefer only space changes. But not I. Now the space battles in this are pretty sweet. If you like the legacy era, then this is going to be a treat. I didn't play too much of the galactic conquest (because it takes so long), but I did get my feet wet and played enough skirmish to get a good grasp on the situation. And the situation = good. Please leave some comments after you've had a chance to check this out. Since this is the beta, I'm sure the author wants that. I'm going to write up a full and comprehensive review when the final is released. the_stag
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