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This modification attempts to provide a new level of intensity, while emphasizing aspects of realism. GamePlay - Max. weight to run 25 kg - Max. weight to walk 50 kg - Review of all weights of
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objects, weapons and armors - Predator Night Vision - Limping added - Your view will move with big impacts (also the rest of stalkers) - No energy loss when jumping - Larger sprints - No default health recover - Acid rains - Death corpses disappears after 96 hours of his death (of the game) - Added possibility of moving objects - When starting the game, we won't get the detectos and some supplies have been changed - Depending on KGB budget you will start with 2000 RU (50 euros approx.) or 16000 RU (400 euros approx.) - You will have high chances to find some objects in certain localizations of the Zone Graphics - Added AtmosFear CoP 1.3 & AtmosFear Fallout - Added new textures for guitars (My Guitar 2) - Enhanced textures of maps for PDA and MiniMap (Hight Quality Maps :: for the low PCs folks) - Better Svarog display (Svarog MK2) Sound - Improved weapon sounds - Improved Sound Effects Mod included Artificial Intelligence - 150º Field of View - Enhanced distance of view (200 Metros). If meteorological circumstances allows it: · Up to 300 meters when the day is clear · No more than 50 meters with heavy fog - Stalkers heal have been increased (50% more) - Moral is now important for stalkers - Better aiming of stalkers when crouching - Some stalkers, if needed, will comply a full crouch ('lay down' of X-Ray Engine) - Stalkers now play harmonica - Added by AI Additions Mod: · NPCs now uses medic kits and banages (depending on health and wounds, and of course, if they are covered) · NPCs now reload weapons · If an NPC become the lucky owner of a grenade launcher, be sure he will use it (if he dont risks his life using it) · Now NPCs fight each others if they are from rival factions · NPcs are now able to attache sights, silencer or grenade launchers on their weapons · NPCs will stop shooting if a friend is in their line of fire Protections - Weight reduced on almost all the armors - The Exo suit can increment your weight capacity up to 300 Kg - Armors and helms protection changed - Fixed suit durability Economy - Reworked based on Demand and Offer law - Opening of market with stalkers and traders (¡be carefull with ratios!) Interface - Changes ih the HUD: · Sound and vision indicators off · Minimalist crosshair · Power indicator when throwing nades off · Damage indicator off · Grenades indicator off Armament - Real weapons value (WikiPedia) - Weapons no longer zoom when aiming with the ironsights - Devasting grenades Bestiary - Bear (v1.2) - PseudoDog · Field and distance of view enhanced · Resistence values changed - Blind Dog · Field and distance of view enhanced · Resistence values changed · Speed increased - Cat · Speed increased - Fracture (v1.2) - PseudoGiant (v1.2) - Zombie (v1.2) - Zombied S.T.A.L.K.E.R. · Field and distance of view enhanced · Resistence values changed Plans for furture versions of this modification are subject to change given the realm of plausbility for completion, and desire given. Collaboration with others is welcome. Suggestions, bug-reports, and various other requests and inquiries can be written at: - STALKERHispano International Forums: - GSC Forums: - Here posting comments :) -
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