Star Wars Battlefront 2

Schosk Harbor


"Schosk Harbor," by Taung12, is a conquest map set in a snow-themed area. The map is comprised of four command posts; three in a line on an embankment and one on an overlooking hill. The map has
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a nice, simple design that with a little bit of polish could be a pretty decent map. The polish is of course what is lacking here - to some degree that may be expected in a beta version, but it really needs an overhaul so that it doesn't feel like every other snow-themed map (which is either Hoth or an evergreen forest). There are some notable issues with the map as well. The easiest to notice is that (in GCW at least), the player and AI flyheight is set too low, so the player can't jump, and any substantial fall will result in an instant death. Note to the author - there are two flyheight lines in your script, please set them above "40" to a reasonable number (for this map) so that you aren't confined to simply walking or running. While the sides for CW are stock sides, the sides for GCW are decidedly odd. The map features Republic commandos (don't link me to the page on any type of Imperial commando, I'm not daft, thanks) led by Ki-Adi-Mundi fighting Rebels led by Han Solo. There are a number of levels on which this doesn't make sense, but odd visual choices aside, the sides seem to be quite out of balance. The Imperial team is far, far stronger than the Rebel team, something the Rebels' initial CP advantage (or reinforcement advantage) fails to make up for. A much fairer way of balancing strong units against weak ones is - well, the best way is not to make teams of markedly different strengths, but failing that - to decrease the number of units on the field for the stronger team. If this has already been done, perhaps it should be done some more. As mentioned in the readme, there are issues with the sky (I believe it's not just completely black, but completely missing - some users may see it rendered as completely white/grey) and some AI pathing issues - which fortunately is not just excusespeak for "no AI pathing"; there really are just some areas in which the pathing could be amended. Make sure if you download you do leave feedback for the author, as a beta version, constructive criticism is really the best feedback that can be given. -Mav
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