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Epic Battlefield (EBF)


"Epic Battlefield," by Tourny, is a large, multi-setting map. The basic premise is that there are several different areas of the map, each using various stock props. One area looks like Kashyyyk,
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one like Yavin - you get the gist of it. It's an interesting concept - it's been done before at least once, but more flavors of stock map are used in this one. It's not put together exceptionally well, though. There are a number of floating objects, for one. Some of the objects used (specifically some tree objects) were used as props when they really should only be foliage or background objects - they didn't have the best of collisions. The map is also far too large. The only thing truly "epic" about this battlefield is that getting from one command post to another is truly an Odyssey. Keep the map smaller and tighter and it would work much better. Also, the terrain tool could have been used a lot better. There was at least one area where you can fall straight through the terrain, and there's a large area in the center that has a whole lot of stretched-terrain cliffs. This never really looks good. Then there are the sides. The CW era uses lots of stock units of various factions. Each team is a hodgepodge of various local units (with a couple from the stock main sides as well). Unfortunately, this means that a lot of them are incomplete - sounds, localizations, HUD tags, etc - since local units weren't designed to be played as-is. The GCW sides are, on the one hand, a basic Republic team. On the other hand, there's an assembly of weird units, all with names based off of various online handles. As with most "wacky" sides, these are incredibly unbalanced, not necessarily very visually appealing, and pretty inconsistent. One other notable bug is the lack of sounds for most of the vehicles' weapons. The author did a good job getting most sounds together for the map (there were only a couple weapon sounds here or there missing), but it looks like almost all the vehicle weapon sounds were overlooked. All in all, the map is an okay concept, and it would be a whole lot better on a smaller scale with some more attention paid to the object placement details. -Mav P.S. To the author - you didn't credit MandeRek for actually making the Kit Fisto unit - this has been added to your readme.
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