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cjConnieTNG - Basically TNG era Original Constitution Class Upgraded Also included are Modified Connie style cruisers And XI Truman Class Starship (Two Nacelle, Two Eng.
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hulls) The pack has two upgraded Constitution Class ships TNG era and hull number types. There is also Three Subtype ships that are more their own classes than subtypes per say, also upgraded for tng era service and abilities. Last there is a Truman Class (I belive) Strike Cruiser from the XI show (The one seen at spacedock and pulling out closest to Enterprise). Also included is a stats for these craft and all required addons. Thanks!!! CJ Features THIS IS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL set of final addons It has been only tested on 1.96, 1.30, and 1.20 (no patches) All require default crew to pilot. F21ST (Connie-TNG) and F14ST (Truman-XI) require only texture file cj_ftex and have weapons on them, F21ST with new sounds The weapon and texture file cj_fctex with three ships requiring only default crew to pilot, and is used for the Subtypes addon Q5CNT. The cj_fctex file has had updated model appearances for the ships included with it All ships have a bridge - New detailed animations are on these (various designs, some are similar) Features large bording radius to simulate transporters (tng larger range) The ship units can heal and have a various weapon arcs Ships are animated-- Engine Glow, Exterior Lights, Interior Displays All shutoff and turn on appropriately Weapons Fire and Damage displays on all bridges all require cj_ftex - (uprated) main texture file F21ST - cj_ftex - TNG era Constitution Class upgraded cruiser requires cj_ftex (west side) (default crew for pilot) F14ST - cj_ftex - XI 2260's era strike cruiser requires cj_ftex (west,res.,east sides) (default crew for pilot) cj_fctex - (beta) requires cj_ftex, main texture addon (west side) (default crew for pilot) Q5CNT - TNG (elder ship subtypes upgraded) era ships - requires cj_ftex and cj_fctex (west side) (default crew for pilot) readme containing information on the files. error and effect document- Description of problems and fixes The error file lists some bugs like waypoints and projectile weapon crashes (that I found occur on some variants of Flashpoint). weapon stats 1-3 documents- Detailed listing of all the units I have exports and there weapons. new weapon stats for these ships ALL ADDONS REQUIRED INCLUDED IN PACK Accurate Weapons and strength Various Weapons and types per ship type and role Accurate ship strength and scan range, Hero's are stronger and faster Massive Improved Flight, Can now pull out of DIVES as well as the reduced collisions, the Avionics are armored better and can sweep Also added target optic view for driver to see what gunner sees These are FINAL versions FAQ Required version ofp 1.20 Tested on 1.96 This is a new pack All ships have a bridge, transport 24-60 personnel, and have transport like boarding or large boarding radius, also all can heal, have running lights, tracers (like beam), and lighted hulls depending on design Phasers and Torps have new different sound effects AI handles them very well too Ai men are also really good in aerial combat, they use the weapons very well All ship classes and heros have their own registry number. Bugs Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged Recommended Maximum flyinheight 125 depending on map for waypoint function Recommended Minimum flyinheight 70 depending on map for waypoint function FIXES LOTS!!! Hull and Registry Textures Many with vastly improved flight from memory file modifications Improved and different bridge styles Improved and unique bridge animations on some More accurate exterior appearance on some Some designs allow some bridge personnel the possibility of dying in in-air combat (but no primary positions ie... driver or gunner) Additions Redone a few parts of the ships on cj_fctex WEAPONS the weapons are and proceed in alphabetical order like the example below cjfcphas, cjfcphasa, cjfcphasb ...etc..etc.. weapon type and era cjfcphas through cjfcphasl - long range non-continuous nx to tng eras (example cjfcphas is an nx and cjfphasl is a tng phaser) cjfcphasm through cjfcphass - short range continuous phasers (burst) cjfcphast through cjfphasz - medium range torpedoes (beam type) A detailed weapon stats on these will be included later PROJECT SPECIAL (report) I'm still working on the 1900's-ww1 era naval ships but have felt short of the time to finish on schedule. Will continue to try to complete as soon as possible to continue the space and future mod stuff. These ships were already completed except for a few changes when I finished the Akira and Excelsior reworking,so I decided after these poast months to go ahead and release them now. MEMO Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun! These addons go well with the other space addons already out there. Thanks Again To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game To The Whole Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating great addons and mods To Acacyn and Phil Commando for their star wars addons and other works To those who distrube material and maintain the ofp sites And To Burner for his spacemod as well And To BIS and Codemasters for the textures and game as well I Will do more work on my other addons for ofp, and try to complete them by late fall, and still intend to do them for AA and OFP2, again time pending. LEGAL STUFF BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons or If your PC goes beserk. Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount. Thanks again, CJ
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