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redmrcrayon is here today with another one of his Battlefront Fun... wait. This is a map! Never mind. redmrcrayon makes his mapping debut with this map, Coralac. It's a junk-filled map that looks
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fairly similar to Raxus Prime. It's got a few CPs, lots of objects, and what appear to be metal hills. The map's pretty interesting. Its terrain is mostly metallic, which doesn't really work here since metal generally isn't as curvy as the terrain is. It's got a desert themed environment, though there are props from all sorts of areas located in the map. There are a few CPs around, though a couple of them seem to be invisible. The terrain is mostly very hilly and rugged, but not too steep to climb up on. There are a few destructible objects lying around as well for use as temporary cover. Now, let's move on to the bad stuff. The map is too hilly, leading to some problems seeing other units and getting hit unexpectedly when coming over a hill. The terrain choice is strange, mostly because it's very hard to see other units against it, and from a real-world standpoint I don't believe that metal lays flat against hills like it does. Objects are everywhere, and the bots don't really seem to know how to negotiate them. They don't really seek out battle and it gets fairly boring after a while. There's also a distinct advantage to the clones or Empire- they cannot be won against by CP capturing because their starter CP is uncapturable. Finding bots in the maze of objects is quite difficult. From a bug standpoint, there aren't too many- just the uncapturable CP i mentioned, mainly. There are also some oddly positioned objects, like the Geonosis cave clips out of the ground. Things that probably need to be fixed in the next version are planning, some steep terrain, object clipping, and the bugs mentioned above. To sum it up, this map is a fairly standard first map. It's got lots of objects, strange terrain, no planning, and some bugs. I found that it also tended to be somewhat boring due to the difficulty finding people to shoot, but that could just be me. At any rate, give it a download if the screenshots look interesting or you are looking for something new to play. -Jedikiller (P.S- the ever-so-popular Battlefront Funnies are also in this download as well.)
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