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Ultimate JKA Server Restarter (Linux)


Here we have a new version of Cthulhu99's Ultimate JKA Server Restarter. Rather than re-review this file, and its Windows sister, I will paste in Averus' original review, since that covers the main
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purpose of these scripts, and then an overview of the changes for this latest version! [quote]Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Do we REALLY need an application that just restarts a server?" Yes, actually, for this beast is not all as it seems. Before I begin, let me preface by stating that this review will be applied both to the Linux and Windows versions, but due to our team not particularly being fluent in Linux, it will covers the Windows version only. Linux server users are encouraged to give feedback in the comments. Now then, essentially what this application does is make your server a much more dynamic and efficient fishy. Though it requires a lot of reading and configuring, you will essentially have a hall monitor to make sure the server gets booted up, and also probably a handy feature for some of you: Dynamic map rotation. Sick of playing the same rotation each day? Configure the necessary rotation file and you can enjoy a nice diverse map list the next time you fire the server up! (Except me, I'll still be stuck on mp/FFA3 with the rest of the damned. �_�) This seems like a pretty overdue mod, I reckon. Hopefully it's come within enough time for people to enjoy and abuse it. Only time will tell... - Averus Retruthan[/quote] Ok, changes for this version, as listed in the readme, include: [quote] [*]Log server feature added. [*]A recursive bash script was added to replace the time based server status check (running/not running). [*]Ncat check method added. [*]Dynamic Rotation monthly type added. [*]Dynamic Rotation map limit per rotation is now unlimited. [*]Added Dynamic Rotation rehash feature. [*]Dynamic Rotation is no longer stored with the server CFG. Instead a exec line is added, and the rotation is stored with an auto-generated file. [*]HTML server status page generator added. [*]CGI Script added. [*]Pid files have been added. for the script, and for the recursive script running the server. [*]Filesdir variable was removed. A new variable (scriptdir) has been added to check for the script directory automatically. [*]User variable was removed. The user is now checked automatically in the script. [*]User variable to run the JKA server in the Nmap check method has been added. [*]Added options nohup and killserver in the jkascript script. [*]Added a Nmap path variable. [*]Error checks have been greatly improved and spread out through the entire code. [*]Error and exit codes have been added. [*]The entire code was re-checked, re-written, further improved and optimized for performance. [*]Updater has been further improved.[/quote] And finally, a note from the author: [i]"For those using version 3.xx, they will need to download the new updater to be able to autodownload this new version."[/i] Linux Updater: Now, non of that really means anything to me and so I cant really give it a full and proper review. In fact, I would think you have to be fairly knowledgeable about how server scripts work to understand that, but if you use this script regularly (or similar scripts) to help restart your server, then no doubt it will make a lot more sense to you! As always, please read the readme for full details, and if this is useful to you for your server, then be sure to give it a download! ;) ~Nozyspy~
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