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Loser Kid is back once again, and he is here with an updated version to his original release...and just like that release, this one does not come for free either, you will have to give up some of
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your bandwidth to pay the modest price for this download, which is great news in this economically challenged climate that we live in...the download itself, as always, is free! :D For your convenience, Loser Kid has also provided a video so you have an idea of what kind of action awaits you! In the Loser's Super Powers Mod (v2), each difficulty setting gets harder as the players abilities increase. This has been done in part because the developer thinks this mod takes some getting used to. T offset the bonuses that you get from this mod, the number of AI that you will be up against, as well as their difficulty level has been increased. It's not easy to run around at speeds much faster than normal while getting huge air and cloaking rapidly, at least not at first. Loser Kid recommends trying the easier settings first so you can get used to the changes before trying the hardest difficulty setting, which is the main focus of this mod. Most maps come with vehicles not normally usable in the game but that doesn't mean you have to use them (many vehicles are hard to find). Don't deny yourself the fun of playing on foot as well. The different difficulties mean: You can run faster Cloak longer Experience less recoil Jump further And regain energy faster Loser's Super Powers Mod (v2) is just that...a mod which, compared to your abilities found in the stock version, gives you what could be considered super powers; Essentially, this download allows the player to do things not possible in the retail version of the [i]Crysis[/i] game by increasing the available energy for the Nano suit. This Mod is perfect for those of you that want to throw a bit of a twist in your gaming experience, and enjoy [i]Crysis[/i] in a whole new way! [i]NOTE: You do not need the Full version to play this Modification, however, if you want [b]all[/b] of the bells and whistles, you may want to download the Complete version: Full Version - [file="104601"]Loser's Super Powers Mod (Full | v2.0)[/file] For added intensity - [file="104603"]Loser's Super Powers Mod (Add On | v2.0)[/file] [/i] Refer to the readme for more information.
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